Updated to include 2017: The Foodbitch 100

  NEW AND IMPROVED TO INCLUDE ALL THE FOODS I ATE IN THE YEAR 2017 A.D.: THE FOODBITCH 100, AKA I’LL TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT AND YOU’LL LIKE IT: THE ULTIMATE DALLAS LIST. What are The foodbitch 100? Well I’m glad you asked, m’lady. Or sir. They’re my favorite things to eat in Dallas, […]

It’s True: Zoli’s 2.0 is Coming (to Addison) …in November

News broke earlier today that I’d been waiting for for quite some time. Well, me and about a thousand other people. People who love good pizza, that is. People who’ve been missing Zoli’s NY Pizza (cheeky little brother to pizza deity Jay Jerrier’s Cane Rosso) since it shuttered on Valentine’s Day, breaking hearts around the Metroplex and […]