@foodbitch’s Culinary Adventures III

See the full gallery on Posterous Day 3 at the Milestone Culinary Center: Roasting & Baking   Today was a doozie! We made panko-parmesan-crusted tilapia, prime rip, herb roasted veggies, pan gravy and roast chickens. WOW. Everything tasted great! I can’t wait to make it all. The panko crusted tilapia was a big surprise. It […]

I love a tasty bribe…

See the full gallery on Posterous Thursday night I headed to Nest for the POST Blogger Social to enjoy some champagne, cupcakes and elbow rubs. The new store is looking great and is full of beautiful things. I took some photos of some. I spent that little happy hour enjoying some delicious cupcakes and tasty […]

Saturday night: DISH again

Big thanks to @awolAD for snapping these pics with his iPhone 4. Mine would have been sad and dark. Just another reason why I need to upgrade ASAP! DISH was good this time around, but not as good as our first trip. Our group had a 7:30 reservation and we were seated promptly. Our free […]

Trip to the Dallas Farmers Market

So in keeping with my promise to recreate recipes from each Saturday’s class for dinner Sunday night, off we went to the Dallas Farmers Market to get our knives sharpened and scoop up fresh and fabulous fruits and veggies. The recipe called for tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, jalapeno, limes, garlic and seasonings. We ended up […]

My husband is an evil genius.

Okay he is a genius, but he’s really not evil at all. Let me explain. This past September 2, we celebrated our third anniversary. I bought him a really cool clock for his office (a modern interpretation of the third anniversary gift is glass) and he bought me…cooking classes. For. The. Win. Now anyone who […]

Lunch Quickie at Maple & Motor

See the full gallery on Posterous At the crowded yet efficient Maple & Motor, it turns out I should have listened to my gut and gotten a burger. The brisket was an unusually bad mistake! Nothing good about it. In my opinion, if you are going to put brisket on your menu, it had better […]

Golly Sandra: Bess in Austin

See the full gallery on Posterous Tonight I realized I never wrote about this meal. Which is odd considering I’ve been dreaming about that heirloom tomato and moz salad ever since bite one. The cheese was different; not like regular mozzarella. It was something more. And the tomatoes were the ripest! A friend gave me […]

#RestaurantWeek Report: Grace Fell Flat

Well folks, every once-in-a-while, I have to put the bitch in @foodbitch and write a negative restaurant review. Unfortunately, some restaurants do not consider Restaurant Week an opportunity to showcase their excellence to an entirely new array of diners, but rather take advantage of the smaller price point to downgrade their offerings. Unfortunately, either Grace […]

Brunching at Taverna last weekend

See the full gallery on Posterous Greg’s breakfast calzone. Highly recommended. Plus they’re made fresh so you can omit any ingredients that don’t pique your palatial interest. Next up is my benedict. Delicious, save for a slight undercooking of the eggs. My apologies for the camera shake.  

@foodbitch’s nod from the Observer

Thursday, May 20th, my blog, in-this-economy.com, and I got a surprise shoutout in the Dallas Observer. The front page article about Dallas’ top Tweeps was cool enough in and of itself, since a lot of our friends were interviewed and featured for the piece. But when a sidebar showed two of the Twitter avatars I […]

Lunch at R+D Kitchen in Dallas

See the full gallery on Posterous Pictured: 1. One of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. Messy-as-hell. I’ll be back for this one. 2. Brunch Special: Cheese and egg-covered waffle thingie with fruit. Crazy-awesome. 3. The Veggie Burger. Falls apart for sure, but every morsel is delightful. Recommended.