#CHEERSFOODBITCH: Get FREE PERKS every Wednesday in November at Trinity Groves!

Confession: I wanna be your #WCW. All month long. So to celebrate my 10,000th Instagram follower (I’m now up to 11.3k, but who’s counting?), I’ve put together an exciting little promo with my friends at Trinity Groves. It’s pretty exciting because you basically get a bunch of free shit and all you have to do […]

Sneak Peek: Pakpao is OPEN in Preston Hollow Village!

Good news, Thai food fans: Pakpao is OPEN in Preston Hollow Village! You read that right. The much-anticipated second location of Pakpao Thai with chef Jet Tila leading the kitchen has finally, quietly, yet very stylishly opened for dinner Friday night in Preston Hollow Village off Walnut Hill and 75. They’re starting dinner service with a limited […]

A Taste of Wabi House on Greenville Avenue

Wabi House opened on Greenville, just shy of Ross, so I headed right over because noodles. And raw fish. And cocktails. But life’s short, right? Right. So here’s our dessert, first: Black sesame creme brûlée. If you like sesame flavor, you will love this. The sesame is intensified by the sugar and caramelized and just […]

Mo drinky? No problem: LASH alcohol delivery app responds to @Drizly Q&A

The folks at LASH (makers of yet another alcohol delivery app in town), caught wind of the Q&A I posted with the Drizly guys. So naturally they wanted to tell you all what makes their app better and/or special. I have a couple of quick points on that: 1) In-n-Out Burgers 2) chicken nuggets. Yeah […]

Faster, cheaper, better? Drizly alcohol delivery app launches tomorrow: a Q&A with CEO and Co-founder Nick Rellas

This story sounds familiar. I got a press release. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get a lot of those. Every single day. But this one caught my attention because it had liquor in it. Okay, a lot of the press releases I get actually contain alcohol. This one was about an alcohol delivery app. There are […]

Introducing foodMoM!

I love my twin #foodbabies. I love them more than all the sushi and cocktails and foie gras and soft cheeses and chicken salad sandwiches and everything else I couldn’t eat while I was growing them inside me for 38 weeks while they took turns stomping on my bladder like they were trying to mash […]

Peep Chef Tesar’s New Lunch Menu at Oak Restaurant

  Oak Restaurant has been like a roller coaster, y’all. Ups and downs, but always a fun ride. I’ve never had a bad meal at Oak, though service has been spotty-to-weird, and the menus have lost their way more than once, twisting and turning, looping and even spinning out of control. Or maybe it was just […]

I’ve got the sickness, and Remedy is the cure.

Remedy, the hot new spot from former Top Chef contestant Danyele McPherson (who worked with chefs Brian Luscher of The Grape and Stephan Pyles of Stephan Pyles, Stampede 66 and San Salvaje), tosses out plate after plate of southern-style greatness you wish your mama made, from hushpuppies with spicy butter to deliciously killer chicken liver […]

This Little foodbitch Went to New Orleans: The How and the Chow

If you’ve been clicking around on Facebook, scrolling on Twitter or double-tapping on the Instagrams lately, you may have noticed my posts had a noticeable southern twang about a week ago. It’s true, I left my home in Dallas and flew to New Orleans, a place I’d never been in my adult life, on a […]

The Top 12 Worst Foodie Sins

Yom Kippur is coming. 25-ish hours of consuming absolutely nothing while repenting for a year’s worth of sins. As I try to pass the time until precisely 7:44 p.m. on Saturday night (the end of the Yom Kippur fast), I’ll have plenty of time to think about all the food sins I’ve personally committed over […]

Stonedeck Pizza Pub hits the ground running in Deep Ellum

My first visit to Stonedeck Pizza Pub on Elm Street was more of a happy accident than a planned excursion. Thwarted by circumstances beyond our control, my food bastard and I spent our 7th anniversary dinner there. But what a happy accident it was, because as it turned out, Stonedeck was exactly what our laid-back […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Dallas’ Best Smoked Cocktails

Okay I don’t know that these are the best. So let me just put that out there. But I went on the hunt, for several hours one night, after scouring the internet beforehand looking for smoked drinks. We tasted some. Some were long gone off of restaurants’ and bars’ menus and wouldn’t be back until […]

@cityofate #CROSSPOST // Abuelo’s Flan: Not Your Grandfather’s Dessert

Flan isn’t for everyone. Some folks don’t love the texture, or the flavor. I get it. But do yourself a favor and try the Abuelo’s flan because it’s pretty much the ideal specimen of flan. It’s what sugar wants to be when it grows up. The texture and flavor of this flan might just change […]

Pyles Surprises with San Salvaje, Opening April 28

Let’s talk about San Salvaje, the new restaurant coming from Chef Stephan Pyles. San Salvaje, which translates to “wild saints,” will open in the former Samar space on Ross in downtown Dallas on April 28. According to a release, San Salvaje “celebrates the union of pagan indigenous culture with a host of saints revered in […]

The foodbitch 100 is LIVE!

Happy 2014! What’s that you say? I’m a little bit late? Well, yeah. I had twin food babies in October. WHAT DID YOU DO? Kidding. But all excuses aside, I’ve been working on this list for quite some time and now it’s finally ready for you to enjoy. Inspired by Oh Hey Dallas’ list, over […]

The 2014 DOSCARS!

In honor of tonight’s Oscar broadcast, Susie Drinks Dallas, Oh Hey Dallas and Yours Truly put together some awards of our own, and awarded them to some local spots. Because why the hell not. Presenting The 2014 DOscars! THE ENVELOPE PLEASE…   Best International Food: Lucia Best Southern Charm: Sissy’s Best Vegetarian Fare: Spiral diner […]

Best of 2013 in Photos

Get ready for your tummy to rumble, folks. Here’s my year in fifteen seconds of food photos. Can you spot your favorites? And don’t forget, I spent nine months of this year eating for three…   Happy New Year y’all! My resolution is to eat well. Hopefully yours is too. And no, that doesn’t mean […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Get Ready for Fork Fight @trinitygroves!

Fork Fight is coming! Want to read up on it and maybe confuse the shit out of yourself? Do that over on City of Ate. Otherwise, here’s where to get tickets, and the schedule is below. Wednesday, July 10: Round 1 with SOUK vs. Casa Rubia Thursday, July 18: Round 2 with Kitchen LTO vs. […]

@iliveindallas #CROSSPOST: 33 Classic & Historic Dallas Restaurants that Haven’t Lost their Swagger

SWAGGER. Struttin’ around with confidence like you’ve got some high-quality equipment and you really know how to use it. In fact, your shit is proven. Time-tested. Delicious. And everybody loves you. That’s swagger and these classic and/or historic dallas restaurants have it. Don’t believe me? Have more of your favorites to add? No problem. Go […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: My First Look at Le Bilboquet

I might as well admit it. I’ve been on vacation. It was the glorious kind of vacation where you turn off your cell data and go somewhere beachy and eat marginally acceptable food for a week or so while doing nothing that you can’t do in your bathing suit and flip flops. But right before […]

Eat This Taco: New Ice Cream Tacos at Pokey O’s!

Walking into Pokey O’s (which has been around for seven years! Go Pokey!), I was more than psyched to try the Ice Cream Taco, the newest personalized creation at the cookies-and-ice-cream empire. I was in for a treat. Not since Taco Bueno introduced the Choco Taco have I been this excited about a dessert-based taco. […]