Updated to include 2017: The Foodbitch 100

  NEW AND IMPROVED TO INCLUDE ALL THE FOODS I ATE IN THE YEAR 2017 A.D.: THE FOODBITCH 100, AKA I’LL TELL YOU WHAT TO EAT AND YOU’LL LIKE IT: THE ULTIMATE DALLAS LIST. What are The foodbitch 100? Well I’m glad you asked, m’lady. Or sir. They’re my favorite things to eat in Dallas, […]

Don’t Just Drive on by. Eat at Malai! #ThaiMeUp

If there’s one thing you need to know about Malai, it’s that it will likely surprise you. Tucked into the West Village shopping area in Uptown, it looks a bit unassuming. The patio is sweet, inside it’s often bustling with shoppers stopping in for a midday respite or a post-shopping trip bite before heading home. […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: The Best Frozen Cocktails in Dallas

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s Cocktail Week at City of Ate, which explains the increased number of posts about drinking up on the blog. Similarly to the smoked cocktails post from yesterday, and in fact during the same long night of barhopping, my girl Oh Hey Dallas and I tried several frozen cocktails around […]

Crushin’ on CrushCraft Thai Street Eats

  A few of weeks ago I visited CrushCraft Thai Street Eats in Uptown. This place replaced the Baker Bros. sandwich place where the workers at The Quadrangle (including myself, I must admit) had been forced to eat when time was of the essence. Luckily, CrushCraft is a far, far better option. Like, I’d rather […]

Pakpao Makes Sundays Less Sucky, More Suki

Last weekend, we were treated to an experience like none other at Pakpao in the Design District. Suki Sundays at Pakpao is a communal meal that begs to be enjoyed with friends. I only wish you could smell the aromas through your computer or mobile device right now. Suki Sundays starts with a $9.95 price […]