Review: Montlake Cut

  I’m not going to lie: this freelance food critic gig’s got me feelin’ the perks pretty hard. Montlake Cut, for example, is a lovely little boat, I mean restaurant, (It’s raining today, everything seems seafaring) that moved into the space where my beloved Spoon used to be. I loved getting to experience it a […]

Review: Wayward Sons

My second full-length restaurant review is online on the Dallas Observer Food & Drink blog, and will be on newsstands tomorrow. But my blog readers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the photos I took during my visits. Lucky you.          

The Top 10 #SB50 Commercials Starring Food: 2016 Edition

It was a late night. I watched all these damn commercials. For you. Then I ranked them and talked about them a little for the Dallas Observer Food & Drink blog. It’s the Top 10 #SB50 Commercials Starring Food: 2016 Edition Please enjoy with a side of Doritos topped with guacamole.

2015 in Review: Here’s What Some of the BEST Chefs in Dallas Had to Say (via the @Dallas_Observer)

    Before we totally tell 2015 to take a hike, I thought I’d ask some of Dallas’ best chefs about the past year and what they thought of it, as well as the year coming up and what they’re looking forward to. So I did. I also asked them who they’ll be keeping an […]

via @Dallas_Observer #FoodAndDrink: 8 CRAAAAAZY Noodles: A Dallas Guide for a Jew (and Everyone Else) on Christmas

🎶 🍚 🎄  I’m dreaming of a white rice Christmas…🎶 🍚 🎄 Well, it’s Christmas Eve so naturally I’m craving the shit out of some lo mein and moo shu chicken with plum sauce. I want chopsticks and I want to sit in my living room and eat super fattening stuff out of those little cardboard folded containers while I watch […]

Kin Kin is Gone Gone; Now Bite by Eddy T is Open on Oak Lawn Avenue #VIPeek

The restaurant formerly known as Kin Kin but now known as Bite, which was a restaurant in Fort Worth that closed, but not the Kin Kin in Fort Worth, because that one’s still kickin’, is open… as Bite now… on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas. And there may or may not be more Kins or […]

#TACOLANDIA is coming, and the presale starts today!

Have you heard about tacos? Yeah, they’re kind of delicious. Delicious enough to have hundreds of restaurants, stands, recipes, books, blogs, instagrammers, podcasts and festivals devoted to them exclusively. Well, here’s one more, and this time it’s one put on by our very own Dallas Observer. So you know it’s going to be a fun […]