Celebrating National Doughnut Day by practically buying out @HypnoticDonuts


So every friday there are either donuts or bagels at our office. And I’m really more of a bagel person. It’s not that I don’t like donuts, it’s just that I have a will power dificiency and donuts are the only evil-for-you thing I can somehow avoid/ignore when it’s offered to me.

Long story short, on donut Fridays I just hang at my desk and think about bagels. But! Today is National Doughnut Day! So I decided it was the perfect opportunity to head to Hypnotic Donuts (which is only down the road from my house) and give these freaky deaky babies a try. More than that, it was an excuse to tell our regular donut responsible party to take the morning off, and get enough for the whole office.


I had a budget, so I tried to buy as many of the crazy donuts as I could, supplemented with assorted cake donuts, regular glazed, biscuits and sausage thingies. 


Here’s what I ended up with. 


The craziest flavors — close up.


Blurrily pictured above (sorry): Canadian Healthcare (maple glaze & bacon), and Mexican (cream cheese icing, Tabasco and fresh jalapeños) 


These guys were quite pleased.


Glamour shots of the “Poppin'” with strawberry icing and crushed Pop Tart topping.


Not pictured is what my non-donut-loving-fat-ass ordered. The big biscuit sandwich with fried chicken inside. That thing carried me through lunch. I’m a huge fan.

If you haven’t been to Hypnotic, there’s something waiting for you there to become addicted to.