Mix On, Mix Off: Time to Shake Things Up for Chefs For Farmers on Sunday!

mix off/yes chef

The weekend is coming (yeah I know it’s only Tuesday, just let me be). Time to think about what you’ll be doing on Sunday night. I know I’ll be drinking cocktails and sampling the bites made by many of Dallas’ best sous chefs at the Chefs for Farmers Mix Off, also known as Yes, Chef! Sous Chef. It’s a food and cocktail competition and we all win.

mix off 2016
mix off 2016

According to the ticket Prekindle site, here’s what this Sunday’s Mix Off is all about:

“Come watch an afternoon of culinary combat as two delicious battles unfold side-by-side. You’re the judge as the hottest bartenders in Dallas shake and pour their liquor-loving hearts out for the chance to be named the signature drink of the festival. Since you can’t drink on an empty stomach, chow down on upscale street food from the best up-and-coming chefs in town, all vying to get their dish into the Chefs for Farmers Main Event on Sunday. Your votes determine the winners, but when the rising stars of the Dallas restaurant scene compete alongside the best bartenders in Texas, the real winner is you!”

So, long story short: Lots of cocktails, lots of food, lots of sous chefs and bartenders vying for your votes and the votes of the esteemed judges. All at the DEC on Dragon, which is a hell of a fun venue. Can you say “date night?”

This event is getting me pumped for Chefs For Farmers, which is already my favorite culinary event of the year. Get your tickets and I’ll see you there!


DISCLAIMER: As a privileged member of the food media, I’ll be allowed entry to this event free of charge, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’d recommend this event to anyone and everyone.