New News: Dinner Lab Launches Today in Dallas

image via Dinner Lab

For most people, eating is about necessity.

Some eat for pleasure.

For the rest of us, dining is about adventure.

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Folks in that third category will find Dinner Lab the most intriguing thing since the emergence of the pop-up dinner. Dinner Lab is an organization focused on celebrating up-and-coming chefs, cooking once-in-a-lifetime meals in once-in-a-lifetime locations for dining adventurers. The nuts and bolts involve a yearly membership fee ($125 in Dallas), as well as a relatively reasonable cost-per-dinner (around $65 on average). If your appetite is whet right now, go check it out at

The first Dallas dinner will be on Saturday, October 25, and the first chef will be Ryan Carson. Here’s a bit about him, from the folks at Dinner Lab:

“RYAN CARSON has an innate ability to create intoxicating dishes that evoke the warmth and spirit of comfort food fine-tuned with the precision of modern culinary techniques. From the kitchen to the dining table, he pays homage to mothers, including his own mother who believed food was the centerpiece of all social and memorable life experiences. He learned how to cook at his mother’s side at an early age and loved to experiment like a scientist, or better yet an artist, with the family recipes. He followed in his father’s footsteps, who was a chef, at the young age of 15. Carson has held every position from dishwasher all the way up to Executive Chef and he graduated with honors from the prestigious California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Ryan Carson has worked in some of the best kitchens in San Francisco, LA and Orange County as well as being the chef/owner of the critically acclaimed pop up restaurant in Los Angeles; privē.”

Here’s the menu Carson’s working on for the Dallas launch:

prive menu dinner lab dallas launch ryan carson chefI, for one, am pretty jazzed. This is right up my alley. So maybe I’ll see you there as we welcome Dinner Lab to Dallas on October 25?