Fact: There’s a LOT of wine in East Hampton.

If you’re ever missing your yacht, or whatever, head on over to Snider Plaza and have a sandwich at East Hampton Sandwich Co. Everybody says it feels just like East Hampton, but never having been there, to me it seems like a nice, bright place with good sandwiches. That just happens to be packed to the subway tiles with rich folks. But let’s focus on the sandwiches.

Close-up look at the Honey Grilled Chicken + Romaine

Like this one. It’s the Honey Grilled Chicken + Romaine and it comes stacked with grilled lettuce, seasonal tomato (today it was a big yellow one), sweet onions and a side of bourbon mustard sauce.

Meyer Lemon Chicken Sandwich

The Meyer Lemon Chicken Sandwich was good, but not great. There was a distinct lack of meyer lemon flavor, which was my main reason for ordering it. It comes on a ciabatta with spinach and thick slices of watermelon radish, which makes for a big crunch.

Fact: In East Hampton the slaw is kinda phoned in.

When I asked if I could get slaw instead of chips, I was told yes, but I’d have to pay $3 for the slaw. Which is what a side of slaw costs. So no. The manager, who I believe was there behind the girl taking the orders, announced to us that they’d be changing up the menu in the next couple weeks. So, something to look forward to. There’s plenty to go back for, though, including the below:

Fact: This is what donuts look like in East Hampton. I always thought these were holes!

Speaking of coming back, we’ll be doing so for this little guy and some of his friends. There’s a Hampton’s Donut Bag on the menu for $3 and this little sample landed on our plates as the manager was handing them out around the room. The inside was chewy rather than too light, and it didn’t taste deep fried at all. The perfect end to lunch in East Hampton. I suppose, but what do I know?

East Hampton Sandwich Co.  |  6912 Snider Plaza  |  www.ehsandwich.com

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