Event Alert: On Wednesdays We Watch “Mean Girls”

mean girls foodbitch sundown


So, Sundown at Granada has started doing these summer rooftop movies, during which they offer half priced whiskey. That alone should seal the deal for you, because the movies are all cult classics like The Goonies and Austin Powers. But they approached me about partnering with them for their showing of Mean Girls, and so I (naturally) offered to help them come up with a signature cocktail for the evening (mostly because whiskey ain’t my thang). I worked with the awesome Christian to create the watermelon marg

Bada bing, bada boom: This oh-so-fetch night was born:

foodbitch sundown mean girls


I hope you’ll join me at Sundown at Granada on Wednesday the 24th as we wear pink and watch Mean Girls. And drink watermelon margaritas that may or may not be named the “cool mom,” “fetch” or “Regina George.” Only time will tell. See you Wednesday night!