Flippin’ good: Flippin’ Out Crepes & Coffee in Addison


I don’t deny being a location snob, in addition to my being a food snob. If I’m going to venture north for food and/or drink, it had better be worth it. Case-in-point? Flippin’ Out Crepes & Coffee in Addison, AKA the Plastic Surgery Capital of The World and a city with more restaurants per square mile than most. Not in a good way, however. But back to Flippin’ Out. We rolled up upon this little spot that looked like it must have been a shaved ice stand in a former life, and immediately realized we’d be takin’ our Flippin’ to-go. We walked in and were immediately greeted, scary-enthusiastically, by about eight people working there. “We’ve been waiting for you,” they cheerfully screamed. Turns out it was their first day open, having had a soft open the day before. Lucky for me. I may have danced a bit while looking at the menu, full of things that sounded awesome. That’s a good sign from this bitch. I asked if they have a mobile truck, to which they replied in the negative, but said it would be a good idea. You’re welcome.

We ordered a cappuccino, an iced coffee, a lemon chicken crepe and a tiramisu crepe. After a quick chat about the annoying-ness of the impending fireworks clusterfuck that’s known as Kaboom Town, our crepes appeared. We shook hands with Chef Scott, took a step and were out the door. We left that tasty little shack excited to try what was inside that little brown bag. 

Once we found a table (these are really not foods you can eat on-the-go; a solid work surface and sharper knives are required), we took the necessary photos and dug in. First up was the lemon chicken crepe: deliciously creamy chicken salad type stuff tucked into a crepe with veggie chips and a savory lemon cream sauce on the side. Really great flavors that made me want to try more of their creations.

Next up: the tiramisu crepe. A filling made of mascarpone cheese blended with chocolate and espresso, this sweet thang was drizzled with caramel sauce. What could be bad? If I was forced by the foodie gods to find something wrong with this dessert, I would say the crepe itself was a bit of a workout to cut into, making the chocolatey, creamy filling ooze out a bit as we cut down into it. A real, metal knife was put into play.

The damage: under $20 for two crepes and two coffee drinks.

The prediction: tables and chairs will appear on the scene outside Flippin’ Out in the coming weeks. 

The wrap up: Flippin’ Out is certainly worth the drive to Addison, but make sure you have a place to sit down and eat it, inside (hello, Texas heat!), with real knives. Then you’re all set for a Flippin’ good meal. Good coffee too.

3 thoughts on “Flippin’ good: Flippin’ Out Crepes & Coffee in Addison

  1. In regards to you prediction that tables and chairs will appear on the scene outside Flippin’ Out in the coming weeks: I suggested that to the chef, he told me that Addison will not allow it. :(

  2. Love the review! I also ate there. As the person above said there wont be tables and chairs for Flippin Out. They aren’t zoned for this and would need to move to a location that is. Which would be pretty nice. I would love to sit down and enjoy the Crepe’s and talk to the workers. They were all really nice and helpful.

  3. We went there Sat morning and got the Philly cheese, the cuban and the suzie (Sweet). you are so right about the sweet crepe having a tough crepe. whats up with that?btw congrats on CoA :)

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