GIVEAWAY: tickets to Jeremiah Tower, The Last Magnificent screening on 4/25

Win reserved tickets to see Jeremiah Tower: The Last Magnificent, screened at The Magnolia on 4/25.

Funny story: I was on a flight last week, and I saw Burnt. And it was effing terrible. I mean, like medium well terrible.

Well, this movie is nothing like that. For one thing, it’s about a real person. Someone Martha Stewart calls “a father of American cuisine” in fact. While Burnt reminded me of a Chef knockoff mixed with recreations of Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, Jeremiah Tower actually created something: the hot spot. Oh, and the California cuisine movement. Want to see this doc before everyone else? Head to my facebook page (you’ve gotta like me first), and comment on the post with your personal gastronomical hero. I’ll choose five winners tomorrow night to win two reserved seats.


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