Go to there: @Lakewoodstock is this Sunday

Fact: Lakewoostock is exactly like Woodstock only with less live music and far less weed.


I happen to live right down the street from the Lakewood Theater shopping center, and as a new Lakewood resident, I want to support my local businesses, artists and whatnot. So I’m hoping to pass through Lakewoodstock this Sunday and see what’s cooking. You should too. My friend Walter is going to be selling his bad ass art prints, and that’s reason enough to head over.

According to the Advocate, the new Mi Cocina in Lakewood will be previewing its patio and strong drinks this Sunday during the festival. I’m NOT a fan of Mi Cocina (though it’s certainly ten times better than its bastard stepsister Taco Diner), and I’m not thrilled with it taking over the space formerly held by Matt’s, but I suppose it does class up the place a bit. And my Food Bastard loves himself a Mambo Taxi.


So to recap: Lakewoodstock. Sunday from noon-8. FREE, except that you will buy 4 Mambo Taxis, some art …and nachos.

See y’all there?