Great Burger, Bad Design: Hopdoddy Burger Bar


I’m only gonna say this once.

Just because people will wait in line for an hour in the blistering Texas heat for your delicious burgers and shakes, doesn’t mean they should. It doesn’t mean you’ve got it right, as far as your model for business. Linedness is not necessarily the measure of success. Yes, it looks good from the outside and it certainly lets potential customers know that the food is worth waiting for, but you know what else does? Word of mouth. And when your burgers and shakes are this good, you’ve already got that. No need to punish your customers for liking you. It’s just that there are other ways to get money to you, people in the door and burgers to their bellies. Like sitting down at empty tables inside to wait, for example. Or, if you’re going to have half-servers who only start service after you order and pay, why not make them full-servers? Do you have to pay them more or something? The whole thing just seems so confusing, and I think I’ve personally hit the wall of waiting versus delicious food eating. So, please figure it out so I can eat more burgers and shakes. I know you think you’ve got it all sorted, with that line of hungry hot folks waiting for your food, but you don’t. You’re just waiting for them to get fed up.




Delicious pretzel shake situation.


Delicious Oreo shake situation.

20130614-003915.jpgDelicious standard cheeseburger and fries situation.

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