Hey There Nikkei…

The newest hot spot in Uptown had only been open a few nights when I snuck in for a peek and a few choice sips. Nikkei, which is named for the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine (yes, it’s a thing, lucky us), is a sexy little spot that will leave you wanting more. It certainly had me intrigued. From the moment you walk up the gorgeous steps you’re wrapped in color. Outside on the rooftop? A view of Uptown Dallas awaits. Inside, cocktails and cuisine from the team behind STIRR, specifically sushi and street foods from the likes of Ross Demers and Nick Harrison (formerly of On The Lamb and TJ’s Seafood, respectively). Let’s take a quick tour…


I know, I know. I’m such a tease. Better get your ass in there and get you some!

Talk sushi to me.

Here are a few excerpts from the menu at Nikkei, in case your appetite wasn’t whet enough.


Personally, I can’t wait to put all the sushi and fusion foods in my face. In a sexy way, of course….



I put a lot of sushi in my face and yes it is spendy but yes it is also quality. The fusion foods, cocktails and crudos are tasty too. Take a look…


Nikkei //  2404 Cedar Springs Rd. #400 //  facebook.com/NikkeiDallas/

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