What are The foodbitch 100? Well I’m glad you asked, m’lady. Or sir.

They’re my favorite things to eat in Dallas, narrowed down, of course, to only a hundred. This venture was very much inspired by my girl Oh Hey Dallas’ list of her Top 100 Things to Consume in Dallas. I’ve felt compelled for quite some time now to give everyone my top 100, too. Some of these second her list; that only means they’re doubly recommended.

There are so very many delicious things to eat in Dallas. But if I had just 100 days to live, here’s what I’d eat, assuming of course that I could only eat one thing per day. Perhaps I have a rare disease that only allows me one meal per day until I die in exactly a hundred days. Or maybe the backstory doesn’t matter. Consider this a checklist of awesome Dallas eats. And consider it a challenge, folks.

Bonus: I’ve ‘grammed a hell of a lot of food in this town. Scary lots. So there are links below to some of my instagram photos of these bites. Enjoy the food porn with my compliments.

Another bonus: I’ve included some links to my friends at, so you can make a reservation right from this here page. The OpenTable iPhone app in particular is really, really great for making reservations. I’m a bit addicted to it, actually. I’ve also included some Zomato links for you if the spot isn’t a reservation-type place.

Without further ado, organized by part of town but otherwise in no particular order, here is The foodbitch 100: best Dallas bites:


1. A by-catch taco at Stampede 66
2. Salted caramel butterscotch pudding at Stampede 66
3. The white seaweed salad at Tei An
4. The soba sampler at Tei An
5. Churros con cajeta at La Ventana
6. A cocktail kit at Cook Hall
7. House made cavatelli from CBD Provisions
8. The roasted salmon at Savor
9. The Margarita pizza at Americano
10. A latte at Weekend Coffee
12. A black magic cone from What’s Da Scoop?
13. The Baby Bella from Easy Slider


14. A scoop of peppermint custard at Wild About Harry’s
15. Jalapeño ranch from Chuy’s
16. Ahi tuna nachos at Victor Tangos
17. The Cookie Monster at Trailercakes
18. Beef pepperoni pizza at Zalat
19. Some foie gras at Abacus
20. The chicken and dumplings at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen
21. The deviled eggs at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen
22. Beef tartare at Gemma
23. The Ahi Poke at Velvet Taco
24. The goat cheese tarte at Toulouse Cafe & Bar


25. The Amy chicken biscuit at Hypnotic Donuts
26. The Boo Bee at Hypnotic Donuts
27.  The Cheese Burger at Goodfriend
28. The Hotlanta at Good2Go Taco
29. The Adam Bomb at White Rock Coffee
30. Beer biscuits from Barbecs
31. Chicken pho at Mot Hai Ba
32. The Lester at Taco Joint
33. Cinnamon swirl bundtlet at Nothing Bundt Cakes
34. The CTC Banana Split Stacker from Cow Tipping Creamery
35. A donut ice cream sandwich from Hypnotic Emporium
36. The prom cake at The Heights
37. The Atlantic salmon sandwich at Benny’s Bagels


38. The hot pretzel with Texas fondue at Bowl & Barrel
39. The Big Dog shake at Pokey O’s
40. Bigeye Tuna & Foie Gras Torchon at Knife
41. Pad Thai at PakPao
42. The seared tuna wrap at DIVE
43. A Bavarian cream donut from Top Pot
44. The primetime at Hopdoddy
45. A giant chocolate chip cookie from Susiecakes bakery
46. Beef tartare at Montlake Cut
47. The oreo milkshake at Hopdoddy
48. The cole slaw at Hillstone
49. The salted caramel ice cream at Sprinkles Ice Cream


50. Spicy chicken karaage at Top Knot
51. The tortilla soup at Fearing’s
52. Crispy wild mushrooms with poblano cream at Madrina
53. Ahi tuna tacos at Del Frisco’s Grille
54. The iron pot green curry chicken at Malai Kitchen
55. A Connecticut-style lobster roll at TJ’s Seafood Market
56. House-made burrata from Carbone’s
57. The deconstructed California roll at Parigi
58. The Machi Cure at Uchi
59. The cojito at Urban Taco
60. The Bob Armstrong dip at Mattito’s
61. Lemon Avenue cheesecake at Val’s Cheesecakes
62. Peanut butter pie at The Rustic
63. The Fried Chicken + Jack Sandwich at East Hampton Sandwich Co.
64. The Madagacar bourbon vanilla pop from Pop Star Popsicles


65. Enmoleadas at Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine
66. The horchata cocktail at Mesa Veracruz Coastal Cuisine
67. Deviled eggs at Lockhart Smokehouse
68. The dark chocolate tart at Boulevardier
69. The Smooth Operator (or any slice really) at Emporium Pies
70. Spicy pressed sushi at Sushi Bayashi
71. Toffee croissant bread pudding at Stock and Barrel
72. Risotto at Lucia
73. The cabrito at SMOKE
74. The Stock Cheese at Off-Site Kitchen
75. Patatas Bravas at Casa Rubia
76. A champagne truffle from Kate Weiser Chocolate
77. The short rib drunken noodles at Chino Chinatown


78. The ribeye carpaccio at Rapscallion
79. The cheeseburger at The Grape
80. A slice of chocolate croissant loaf from Boulangerie by Village Baking Co.
81. The dry garlic noodles (with or without chasu) at Wabi House
82. A Tricked Up Cone at Motor Sisters Ice Cream at the Truck Yard
83. A coconut pop from Steel City Pops
84. Tom Kha Gai hot pot at Bangkok City
85. The cheeseburger at Remedy
86. A big-ass ice cream sundae at Remedy


87. The Regina margherita at Cane Rosso
88. Beef Kielbasa atLuscher’s Red Hots
89. Fries at Luscher’s Red Hots
90. The burnt ends at Pecan Lodge
91. Spicy peanut noodles from Monkey King Noodle Co.
92. A glazed donut from Glazed Donut Works
93. Texas Wagyu beef tartare at Filament


94.The challah french toast breakfast sandwich at Coffee House Cafe
95. The Hole in One roll at Mr. Sushi
96. The hand-pulled noodles at Royal China
97. The guacamole at Meso Maya
98. The saffron chicken at Ali Baba
99. The Super B.A.D. at Super Chix
100. The #1 at Cindy’s Deli

Did I miss something? Of course I did. Let me know what you think should have made this list in the comments below, or on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. If I haven’t tried it, I probably will.





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  1. While I have to give you mad props for including Monkey King and Glazed Donut on your list, it looks like you left off places Denton County. There’s plenty of *very* noteworthy places to dine and/or drink in Denton County – the kind that are so worth the trip and bringing your friends along! Places like Barley & Board, Earl’s 377, LSA Burger Co. and Paschall Bar are phenomenal establishments in the area.

    At the very least, something worth looking into firsthand…!

    1. AGREED! But this is very much a Dallas list Narciso! I need to do a Denton food staycation one of these days! And you know when I do I’ll be calling YOU!

  2. I likes and agreed with many places and items in your list and would like to recommend MoMo Italian Kitchen – every thing is great there
    some of my favorites are : Handmade Spinach Gnocchi, Mushroom Risotto, Panna Cotta ,etc……
    8989 Forest Lane,
    Suite 130
    Dallas TX 75243
    Tel. (972) 234-6800

  3. Holy hell, this is an awesome list! Any plans to update for 2017/2018? :-) I imagine a lot of eating – ahem, research, needs to go into that though…

    1. Hi! Short answer: yes! Long answer: get in line, blog post! I’m so behind because blogging is hard and all my deadlines keep getting in my way. True fact. I’ll get there soon though. Thank you for reading!

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