Hypnotic Emporium #VIPeek

Opening Wednesday, March 2, Hypnotic Emporium is the little ice cream shop East Dallassites have always wanted. It’s a soda fountain wrapped in a candy store stuffed in an ice cream shop tied with a cute little bow of nostalgia – with a cherry on top, of course.

As you know, if you live in Dallas and care about food, Hypnotic Donuts makes crazy-awesome donuts with all sorts of crazy-awesome shit all over them. They also make incredible fried chicken biscuits. You’ll know if you’re at Hypnotic at the same time as I am because I’ll be the one telling everyone else in line that they haven’t lived until they’ve tried a Hypnotic chicken biscuit. Yup, I’m so obnoxious. But I’m also right.

Anyway, James, one of the owners of Hypnotic Donuts, told me he got the idea for Hypnotic Emporium while he was lamenting the fact that there was no place to grab ice cream in East Dallas, really, unless you want to go to Sonic (not really an ice cream store), Braums (a few miles north and eh) or TCBY (nope). So nowhere, basically. His idea, after seeing the success of Beth Marie’s ice cream firsthand near Hypnotic’s Denton location, was to bring Beth Marie’s to East Dallas and create a spot where folks could keep coming for generations ala Highland Park Soda Fountain goodness. So perfect and totally what East Dallas needs.

Here are some photos from the peek I sneaked today. Hypnotic Emporium will be open 11-9 Monday through Thursday and 11-11 Fridays and Saturdays.

Two major things of note: 1) the “Dream,” which is a donut filled with ice cream. You want that. And 2) they have ice cream cones made out of pretzels. These things are awesome. Thank you, Hypnotic!!


Hypnotic Emporium  |  9005 Garland Road  |  hypnoticemporium.com