Just wanted to drop a quick post to say that Shake Shack’s BBQ menu is damn tasty. And their seasonal shakes, including the Mint Cookies & Cream one pictured below, are definitely devilish. I’m not sure I can say I prefer the BBQ Chick’n Shack to the original, but it’s a tasty item to try if you’re looking for something a bit different. The Shack also has some BBQ bacon cheese fries (not pictured here because the foodbabies and I don’t dig on swine), and a BBQ ShackMeister (a cheeseburger topped with fried shallots and Shack BBQ sauce). The Mud Pie and Salted Vanilla Toffee are the other two seasonal shakes, BTW. The menu will be available through July 31, so you’ve got some time to try them all.

Shake Shack photo by foodbitchShake Shack photo by foodbitch

Oh, and if you’re worried about lines, you can order from the Shake Shack app and relax. They’ll text you when it’s ready at the counter.

Shake Shack // 2500 North Pearl Street // shakeshack.com


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