The meatiest event of the year has come and gone, but not before lifting our spirits and raising a whopping $175,000 for the National MS Society and Meat Bikes. 

Who won? Our stomachs did. Oh. The like, winners. Here’s the official list:

Brisket: Omar Flores
Sausage: Anastacia Quinones

Pork Ribs: Oliver Sitrin

Beef Ribs: Patton Robertson

People’s Choice: Andrew Dilda

Best Team: Meat Sweats: Tiffany Derry, Jeana Johnson, Patton Robertson, Eric Dreyer


1st: Bacon Tower: Travis & Emma Heim

2nd: Meatlennium Falcon: Sarah Green and Brian Zenner

3rd: Wagyu Frito Pie: Janice Provost


Personally, I think the wildcard meat, beef ribs, was a stellar choice this year, and my fave was made by chef Danyele  McPherson’s, but I’m no meat judge. That’s why you’ve gotta come taste for yourself, right??

Oh, and if you missed out? Don’t complain of MEAT FOMO, just don’t make that mistake again. There just aren’t that many opportunities to have this much delicious fun while supporting a cause so important. And don’t forget that every single person in attendance pays to be there, and that every dollar of their ticket price (besides the lil fee from prekindle) goes to the cause. Trust me: I am fortunate enough to get to go to a ton of events. This is rare! 

And now let’s take a look back at the deliciousness in photos, shall we?

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