Matchbox looking all hot outside its newest location: Dallas' Preston Hollow Village
Matchbox looking all hot outside its newest location: Dallas’ Preston Hollow Village

Media dinners are always fun. Flowing drinks, free food and a chance to catch up with food-centric friends who don’t care how many photos you take before you eat something. But what can be much better than a media dinner, is when a restaurant decides to do something different with their soft opening. Matchbox decided to do an opening weekend where food was discounted 50%, with the rest of the proceeds going to charity. That’s something I can definitely get behind. It allowed media to choose their own dining times, folks other than media to try the food, and everyone was forgiving when it came to service. Kinks were worked out and our money got put to good use. Win-win.

Matchbox serves American food. It’s stylish, it’s big, and its menu has something for everyone. Nothing crazy happening here, but pretty much everything we had was pretty damn good. Take a look. Here’s what went down when we went to Matchbox, which is now open at Preston Hollow Village at Walnut Hill and 75.

red umbrella / like a piña colada that accidentally stepped in some nutmeg
arrancini // do NOT sleep on this. it’s too hot anyway.
ahi tuna tacos // almost as good as DFGrille’s (just being honest)
pizza // some have called this the BEST but I mean it’s pretty good…
interior // more of the same trendy, rustic-industrial decor, but with a lot more black
uniqueness // stairs that kind of lead to nowhere and I like it
salads // these were pretty and pretty good, dressings and all
burrata & beets
desserts // if you’re into that sort of thing, and you probably are

Taking a look at the brunch menu, I started drooling on my keyboard a bit. So that’s my next stop.

brunch menu pictured -- matchbox brunch starts this weekend
brunch menu pictured — matchbox brunch starts this weekend

Matchbox //  7859 Walnut Hill Lane  //

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  1. Nice design, very good service. Interesting menu but way over priced…… $12 for a chopped salad that is somewhere in between a small dinner salad and an entree salad in size?
    Reminds me of the place across from the Grill on the Alley at the Galleria…..One and out……

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