park and palate on the city of ate blog
park and palate on the city of ate blog

It might just be time for a little bit of detox. It’s Fair season, which means simply living within a three-mile radius of Fair Park might tick my cholesterol up a few points. I don’t even have to partake. My point? I’ve been indulging in quite a few delicious items of late, the most recent being the fancy bites I had at Park & Palate, the latest addition to the culinary festival scene in Dallas.

I’m happy to do it, however, for you folks. And Park & Palate was quite nice. Despite it being a bit warm, and kinda pricey (though I admit I scored a media pass), it was a lovely little addition to our lengthening list of food-based events.

Read more about it, and check out my post titled “Park & Palate in Pictures: A Recap” over on the Dallas Observer’s Food & Drink blog.


NOTE: I attended Park & Palate as a member of the media. Thus my entrance was comped. Estimated value: $275

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