Quick Lunch: Bridge Bistro on Riverside

Between errands on a Tuesday lunch break, my Food Bastard and I ducked into Bridge Bistro for a quick bite.

Turns out the spot is a brick and mortar to chef Margaux’s catering operation. All this and she’s only 26! Says her mom who seated us. Gotta love a family-run business as sweet as this one.


Light and bright and happy to hurry. We were in and out in 30.


Chicken salad was served add-what-you-like-style with lettuce, tomato and onion a on a soft, fresh roll and despite being a bit too mayonaise-y, we both finished ours off completely.


A side of creamy sweet potatoes was rich like dessert.


Fresh rolls and cornbread never hurt!

Give Bridge Bistro a google and check it out sometime. Lunch, brunch, dinner.