Today, a good friend and I went for a quickie at Charlie Palmer at the Joule. It’s Restaurant Week here in Dallas, and this year quite a few restaurants are offering a $25 3-course lunch in addition to their $35 3-course dinners. Yes, I like this. And I’m a big fan of Charlie Palmer, whether for lunch or dinner, as I love its New American menu, quality service and classy atmosphere. It hurt a bit when I found out Charlie was going Steakhouse, but today I was told CP was opening a new restaurant “featuring chef’s stations” right down the block from where Charlie Palmer now sits. Certainly something for my taste buds to look forward to. A glance at the regular and Restaurant Week menus told me (using my tremendous math skills) that Restaurant Week at CP represented a value. The same or similar dishes ordered separately would probably run around $35, so we’re talking at least a $10 savings. Or free dessert, basically. Works for me. I am not ashamed of a little weekday fine dining lunch. I’m a lady.

We both chose the tomato soup (sans pork belly topping, since we are both non-pig-eaters), we chose two different entrées (the salmon and the chicken confit sandwich), and though there was but one option for dessert, it was a good one: key lime pie.

There are quite a few openings left at Charlie Palmer for lunch next week, as Restaurant “Week” continues. Grab one of those, and in the meantime, enjoy the Friday afternoon food porn below:

First Course Choice: Tomato Soup
Second Course Choice: They had me at “corn pudding”
Another view. “Exotic mushrooms” is right.
Second Course: Chicken Confit Sandwich
Closeup on the confit
Third Course: Key Lime Pie

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