#RestaurantWeek Report: Grace Fell Flat


Well folks, every once-in-a-while, I have to put the bitch in @foodbitch and write a negative restaurant review. Unfortunately, some restaurants do not consider Restaurant Week an opportunity to showcase their excellence to an entirely new array of diners, but rather take advantage of the smaller price point to downgrade their offerings. Unfortunately, either Grace did the latter, or it’s just not that great of a restaurant. The point is, I probably won’t ever know which.

I was pretty excited to try Grace, a newish, new American spot in Fort Worth. I’d heard good things from friends and the RW menu looked appealing for sure, so my husband and I headed there this Tuesday night.
Valet was $5 but prompt and once inside we were seated right away at a corner booth. Intimate, sure, but a little chilly. The decor at Grace is clean and modern, but for the prices on the menu, my dining partner smartly noted that the waitstaff should probably be wearing ties. But I digress. Let’s get on to the food!

I had of course, being the bossy foodbitch that I am, already decided what we were ordering for each course. The fresh, warm bread came to our table, accompanied by fresh butter at the perfect, softened temperature. Bonus points: my iced tea came with chilled simple sugar.


I ordered:
First: The Heirloom Tomato and Melon Salad
Main: The Rainbow Trout with Beurre Blanc
Dessert: Texas Peach Cobbler

He ordered:
First: Roasted Pepper Soup
Main: Petit Filet with Demi-Glace
Dessert: Red Velvet Cake
…and the wine pairing option for $20 more.

Whiney Wine Note: When ordered as a pairing, I believe it’s proper for the waiter to announce the wine varietal upon bringing the glass to the table. Ours did not. Who knows what he was drinking? The glasses were small, too. More like a tasting than a pairing. I’m not a wine person, but I did see a customer across the room with a half-full glass, when the one at our table was more like 1/4.

First Course: My salad was over-dressed with run-of-the-mill balsamic vinaigrette. Tasty, but way too wet. The croutons were obviously many days old leftover bread like what is brought to the table fresh, and I nearly cracked a tooth on one. Perhaps that’s why they drown them in dressing! The heirloom tomatoes were tasty and fresh, but they were in chunks and there was likely 1.5 tomatoes total on the plate. The melon was just chunks of cantaloupe. Altogether the salad was tasty, but just okay, nothing formal.
His soup was very tasty, served with a basil-cream on top, but nothing special, honestly.

Main Course: In hindsight, I should have known this course would be lackluster when the menu listed the very same accompanying items for the beef as the fish. I ignored the repeated “Brazos Valley stone ground polenta and sweet corn succotash” on both choices because it sounded pretty fantastic! And the succotash was pretty tasty. The polenta was a little too oatmeal-y for me. But both beef and trout were cooked perfectly. The fish was pleasantly crispy which impressed, but the filet was lacking in seasoning. 

Dessert: I’m always excited to see a cobbler or knuckle or buckle or crisp turn up on a menu. I like to divert from chocolate at the end of an awesome meal and am usually not disappointed. This was not the case at Grace. The warm, peachy stuff looked like it would be caramel-y, slightly salty and subtly sweet but it was none of those. It was honestly, just okay. There was an accompanying fresh “buttermilk biscuit and cinnamon ice cream” that looked great, but fell short. The biscuit was okay, kind of like a shortbread, but the ice cream was the real disappointment. It tasted like cream-flavored ice cream, not sweet enough or with enough cinnamon. You couldn’t even SEE cinnamon! Sigh. I didn’t finish the dessert which, for me, speaks volumes.
The red velvet cake was very good. Thick-cut from a bundt-type pan, it was moist and dense and served with whipped cream. The issue here is that I unfortunately spied another order of the cake delivered to a non-Restaurant Week table. While our order contained one slice and a helping of whipped cream, the non-RW order I saw had three. Like as in ours was one third the size of a regular portion. And with CAKE, that’s just bad form. 

And that was that at Grace. Based on this bitch’s opinion, I simply can’t recommend it. Maybe the regular menu is multitudes better (I believe I spotted some fantastic-looking sushi-grade tuna floating by at some point), but I probably won’t find out.