Scenes & Bites from @SavorDallas 2012


Last year I did Savor Dallas hard. I trotted through the warm Arts District on Friday during the Wine Stroll, and on Saturday night I feasted on small bites at the Sheraton hotel downtown at the International Grand Tasting. It was grand indeed. This year, I decided to take part in a couple of lesser-known Savor events, both new: Sips & Sounds at the Kessler in Oak Cliff, and the Women’s Lunch at Milestone Culinary, benefitting Les Dames D’Escoffier.


Let’s take a look at Sips & Sounds first. It was lit up like a bar mitzvah in there, so my apologies for the pink foodstuffs. 


The crowd was bouncing from taste to taste from 8-9pm when they took up the food, laid out the chairs and started up the main musical attraction.


[correction] Some chocolate turtles from Dallas Chocolates…


Tuna tartare on a chip with marinated jicama and guacamole from Tillman’s Roadhouse.


Bright lights and drunk folks.


The opening musical act.


Margarita-like Ultimat martinis.


Greens drizzled in garlicky goodness from Garlic Expressions.


Loved this from Kessler Cookie Co.


More cookies. 


Wine always makes an appearance at every Savor event.


Carrie Rodriguez, her banjo, violin and scarf-wearing accompanyment were really great.

Let’s move on to Saturday morning. Wine before noon!


Here’s the list of Dames present and accounted for.


And the photos to match.


This app was perfection — a goat cheese tartlet with a buttery round crust.


Scallops in surprise sauce. (The surprise was caramel and orange)


Elegant seating for each guest.


First course: salads with fresh fruit and Paula Lambert goat cheese.


Next was an Italian beef short rib atop baked polenta made by Dame Janice Provost of Parigi.


We tasted four wines total. An unoaked Chardonnay (the only kind of Chardonnay this bitch will drink) and a Chenin Blanc from Fall Creek Vineyards, a Zinfandel and the above Aeroport from La Bodega Winery.


The above dessert solidified my choice to purchase the cookbook that housed the recipes for all three courses and the appetizers, too. The baked butterscotch pudding with Rachel Gaffney’s shortbread was too good to even describe without getting minorly pornographic. I will make this very soon.


Finally, some of the Dames in attendance agreed to sign our copies, and you can see mine above. All in all, this was a lovely addition to the regular Savor Dallas events, some of which the drinking and eating can feel excessive. If you’re classier, calmer, and ladylike, this is the event for you. Hopefully its popularity will ensure it’s back again next year.

If you missed Savor Dallas this year, you missed out. But the good news is it comes around every year, thanks to Martha Tiller, the creator of it all, and all the sponsors, vendors, wineries, restaurants, chefs, Dames and especially attendees. 


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  1. Hey you forgot us:)….Those yummy (Pralines) Chocolate Turtles are made by Dallas Chocolates.. Not The Kessler Cookie Co., hey guys those cookies look divine..( love you guys:)

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