Hey thanks, BUILT!

I have been honestly surprised at how much use I’m getting out of the awesome stuff that BUILT sent me. The City Carryall has all but replaced my heavy leather laptop bag (summer, here I come), and speaking of needing to hydrate, the water bottles are inexpensive, yet high quality alternatives to that other brand that starts with a “Y” that everyone seems to be so impressed with these days. Plus, the colors that the hydration line comes in are awesome. Mint, bright purple, a gorgeous slate gray and even rose gold. Then there’s the Essential Tote, which is covered in a cute poppy print and is perfect for toting around my twin girls’ stuff. Especially because it’s machine washable. Like, for mom-types? That’s HUGE. That’s the only lame mom thing I’m going to say about that.

Anyway, so far the BUILT products have come with me to work (City Carryall and Bento Sandwich Box), the gym (Perfect Seal Vacuum Insulated Bottle) and a birthday picnic at the Arboretum (The Essential Tote and Perfect Seal Vacuum Insulated Bottle). I instantly feel more put together (like that’s hard though) when I’ve got these items because they’re a great combo of quality and chic. If you’re looking to add some new products to your kitchen, work, life, lunch or hydration collection, I recommend these. The quality is outstanding.

I have a lovely little work-mom-life upgrade going on RN and I like it.

Thanks again for the swag, BUILT!


// DISCLAIMER: This has been a sponsored post, sponsored with cash moneys and free product by @BuiltNY. Even though they gave me things, I would never lie to you. I only accept sponsored posts from brands I like anyway, so keep that in mind. // 

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