Hey There Nikkei

Hey There Nikkei… The newest hot spot in Uptown had only been open a few nights when I snuck in for a peek and a few choice sips. Nikkei, which is named for the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine (yes, it’s a thing, lucky us), is a sexy little spot that will leave you […]

Keys to the Minibar: Alcohol Delivery Service Q&A #3

Minibar, LASH and Drizly walk into a bar… Just kidding! They’re all sitting on their couches, ordering beer, wine and liquor on their asses. Just like all of us, now that we can all order our favorite dranks from the palm of our hands. You’ve read all about Drizly and LASH on my blog. Well, […]

Not Very Standard at All: The New Menu at The Standard Pour

Remember that scene in Sweet Home Alabama (shame) where Reece Witherspoon exclaims, “You have a baby…in a bar?!” Some things just feel out of place in bars. Like a NY Strip, or buerre blanc, for example… Have you ever walked into a place, expecting it to be a one thing, but discovering that it’s much […]