It’s Chrismukkah! Make Your Holidays Easy with Eatzi’s #TakeItEatzis #Sponsored

It’s true what people are saying. The holidays are getting out of hand. Spending-wise, expectations-wise and definitely stress-wise. All you really need to get in the holiday spirit are a few meaningful traditions, some festive atmosphere and the people you care about. Oh, and food. Lots of food. I happen to love cooking and entertaining, […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: 8 Ways to Impress Your Jewish Friends for Chanukah

Last year I wrote a post about why Jewish people are awesome. Something like that. This year, I wrote about how to impress your awesome Jewish friends with knowledge, food, awesome gifts or all of the above. Give it a peruse and let me know what you think.   ON A RELATED, SIDE NOTE: If […]