Blind Butcher Does Brunch 

Brunch at the Blind Butcher? Sold. The Blind Butcher is a bar and restaurant on Greenville Avenue that I’ve spent embarrassingly little time inside. Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t drink a lot or that I don’t eat pork, but every time I think of this place, I think to myself, “Man! I’ve got […]

Sprezza Saturday Night

Sprezza sits in an unassuming house on Maple in Oaklawn. Inside, a clean, light and bright interior is bustling, mostly because it’s packed with people who are excited for what they’re about to eat. And they should be. Because the man who brought us Nonna and Carbone’s is about to bring them platefuls of delicious pasta […]

Review: Wayward Sons

My second full-length restaurant review is online on the Dallas Observer Food & Drink blog, and will be on newsstands tomorrow. But my blog readers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the photos I took during my visits. Lucky you.          

Madrina on a Monday…

I was invited to Madrina to sample some of the menu and ended up chatting with owner Michael Martensen for quite a while as we ate. And you know what? Even after all the dang drama it’s clear he’s a nice guy. And not only that, Madrina is a beautiful, beautiful place with great food and […]

Peep the Uchi Dallas menu right here, right now!

There’s good sushi, there’s bad sushi, and there’s sushi that’s just okay. Then there’s Uchi. Uchi is something entirely different. It’s another category. It’s an experience. Uchi celebrates the product, the purity and quality and perfection of sushi, but it also is about creating dishes (see Kamo Nabe with duck, mushroom and chili, pictured left) that you haven’t seen […]

Say Hola to San Salvaje by Chef Stephan Pyles

Hello and welcome, all you wild saints out there. How do you know if you’re a wild saint? Well, are you up for new experiences? For trying something new? For a little egg white in your cocktail? Maybe start there and the bravery for the rest of it is sure to come. At San Salvaje […]

New News: Dinner Lab Launches Today in Dallas

For most people, eating is about necessity. Some eat for pleasure. For the rest of us, dining is about adventure. Folks in that third category will find Dinner Lab the most intriguing thing since the emergence of the pop-up dinner. Dinner Lab is an organization focused on celebrating up-and-coming chefs, cooking once-in-a-lifetime meals in once-in-a-lifetime locations for […]

Scenes from the Jonathan Waxman dinner at Fearing’s

Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a special dinner at Fearing’s featuring Barbuto chef Jonathan Waxman. This evening began with a cocktail hour featuring a few choice appetizers and a special cocktail created by Jason Kosmas. Inside each glass was a fork-tongued orange peel and a faceted ice ball by […]

Peep Bowl & Barrel’s Menu (Opening Today!)

Fancy shmancy bowling alley and eatery Bowl & Barrel opens today with a chef-driven menu. Bowling and fresh oysters might not seem like they go together (anyone else think this is a little batty?!), but apparently it’s a thing. The 150-seat restaurant, with a menu designed by incredichef Sharon Hage is in a separate area […]