Chefs for Farmers 2016 Wrapup

I came. I ate (SO MUCH!). I judged. That’s my Chefs For Farmers 2016 experience in a nutshell. But it’s so much more than that!! I don’t need to retell the story of CFF; you can read that over on their site. But I will show you the main event in pictures, and make sure […]

Mix On, Mix Off: Time to Shake Things Up for Chefs For Farmers on Sunday!

The weekend is coming (yeah I know it’s only Tuesday, just let me be). Time to think about what you’ll be doing on Sunday night. I know I’ll be drinking cocktails and sampling the bites made by many of Dallas’ best sous chefs at the Chefs for Farmers Mix Off, also known as Yes, Chef! […]

Oyster things are happening on October 26 for CFF

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about oysters. But there are some folks in town who do. Like, for example, Jon Alexis of TJ’s Seafood Market. Well, luckily for you, he and a bunch of other folks-in-the-oyster-know will be serving up oyster dishes and sides for Chefs For Farmers event on October 26. Here are […]