It’s Chrismukkah! Make Your Holidays Easy with Eatzi’s #TakeItEatzis #Sponsored

It’s true what people are saying. The holidays are getting out of hand. Spending-wise, expectations-wise and definitely stress-wise. All you really need to get in the holiday spirit are a few meaningful traditions, some festive atmosphere and the people you care about. Oh, and food. Lots of food. I happen to love cooking and entertaining, […]

via @Dallas_Observer #FoodAndDrink: 8 CRAAAAAZY Noodles: A Dallas Guide for a Jew (and Everyone Else) on Christmas

🎶 🍚 🎄  I’m dreaming of a white rice Christmas…🎶 🍚 🎄 Well, it’s Christmas Eve so naturally I’m craving the shit out of some lo mein and moo shu chicken with plum sauce. I want chopsticks and I want to sit in my living room and eat super fattening stuff out of those little cardboard folded containers while I watch […]

Things That Wouldn’t Suck: Christmas Dinner at Mesa Veracruz

There’s little that could attempt to pull me away from my family’s tradition of Chinese takeout and a movie rental, but this delicious opportunity just might give me pause. My trusty taco-eating friend (and designated pork eater on select occasions) José let me know about the special holiday dinners that Mesa Veracruz will be offering to those […]

Fuel Your Holiday Shopping at Mockingbird Station’s New Smashburger

If you’re running about the city, shopping your ass off and burning precious calories, refueling is needed. Now there’s a brand new option for doing just that, at Smashburger in Mockingbird station. The burger chain’s PR folks invited me to join in a lunchtime smashing event, which I could not turn down. Here’s what we […]