Scenes from Sunday’s Block Party at One Arts Plaza

Yesterday, the folks at One Arts Plaza hosted a free block party with live music, cocktail competitions, tons of vendors, dogs for adoption plus samples and food for sale. Here’s what you missed if you didn’t make it over there. The view when I walked in. Intimidating, isn’t it? But then I saw the knitted […]

Celebrity Chefs Announced for 10/19 DIFFA Burgers & Burgundy Event!

Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s some info from the Burgers & Burgundy camp: They’ve announced their celebrity burger makers! They are: John Tesar – Spoon Bar & Kitchen Tiffany Derry – Private Social Michael Sindoni – Charlie Palmer Scott Romano – Private Chef Patton Robertson – Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck Ross Demers […]

#VIPeek: Dinner at Max’s Wine Dive Brings Surprises

Max’s Wine Dive opened a few weeks ago in the space vacated by BORDER’S bookstore long ago. As a casually interested passerby type of person, I noticed that fried chicken and champagne were kind of a big deal to them. And when I finally walked inside last night at the media dinner party they hosted, […]

Dim Sum and Then Some: A #VIPeek at Five Sixty’s New Dim Sum Brunch

A few weeks ago, I got a press release touting Five Sixty’s new Dim Sum Brunch. Now, as a person who eats neither pork nor shrimp, dim sum can be a sad concept, usually yielding very few options. Every time I attempt to participate in this celebrated Asian meal I either accidentally eat something I […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Photos from the Chocolate Conference Last Saturday

I know we throw around the term “food porn” a lot around here, but I promise, this lot is tasteful. Check out all the chocolate, if you’re cool with a little drooling.   P.S.: I went to the media hour for this conference, so I didn’t pay. Just in case you were wondering.

In Which I Die of Cuteness Overload and Sugar Shock: Emporium Pies

You know what’s awesome? That moment you decide to have pie for lunch. That moment happened to me on Friday morning, and pie for lunch I did indeed have. Emporium Pies, if you haven’t heard of it, is a pop-up-concept-turned-real-live-pie-shop in Bishop Arts. That’s right, just pies. And everything about it is cute as a […]

Celebrate Everything CHOCOLATE at Saturday’s Chocolate Conference & Festival

There are new restaurants opening seemingly on a daily basis. The holidays are coming. The effing State Fair opens this weekend. Something called a Candy Corn Oreo exists. It’s enough to make you want to just give up on eating entirely. But don’t, yet. The Chocolate Conference is coming!! This Saturday morning, I’ll be at […]

New News: Mex-Mex Peak & Elm to Open in February

No joke: I was just saying to my stomach the other day that there’s good Mex-Mex in North Dallas (Meso Maya) and good Mex-Mex in the O.C. (Mesa Veracruz), but both are a decent jaunt from my East Dallas ‘hood. “We (my stomach and I) neeeeeed some fancy-ish Mex-Mex in East Dallas!” And like the […]

#VIPeek at Pinkberry’s New Chocolate Hazelnut

Breaking news: Pinkberry is delicious. Seriously though, the folks at Pinkberry know what they’re doing, and I’m not just saying that because they keep inviting me over to sample their special new recipes. This isn’t rocket science. You put good quality, tasty toppings on some Pinkberry and BAM–it’s fantastic. The new flavor is Chocolate Hazelnut, […]

I Found The Foundry & Chicken For Not Much Scratch

The Foundry Bar/Chicken Scratch is a good looking, Austin-like oasis of beer, chicken and wood pallets in Oak Cliff on Pittman, just past a trailer park. Even though I’d heard more bad than good about the food at Chicken Scratch, I’d been meaning to check out the place for quite some time. SMOKE chef Tim […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Fearing’s Celebrates Five Years with Smoke and Beers

Meat, smoke, beer, meat, meat and swanky Dallassites. It’s a recipe for a classic event, and it happened last night at Fearing’s. This was the first in a series of four events celebrating five years of Fearing’s in Dallas. Check out my post over on City of Ate for more.   Note: I attended this […]