Lekka Means Good: a #VIPeek at the New Henderson Location

Lekka Means Good Last week my Food Bastard and I got to do drinks and dinner together thanks to a couple of really nice grandparents who were willing to take care of our crazy Food Babies while we hit the town. But where to go for dinner? It might be a humblebrag, but it’s also […]

Shake Shack Shacktoberfest Starts Today. Here’s What’s On The Menu:

Here’s how Shake Shack does Oktoberfest: If you’re not Oktoberfesting, what the heck are you doing?   They’ve got a big, big Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest beer in a commemorative glass for $10. A cheddar-stuffed-brat-on-a-burger situation (Brat Burger), complete with beer-fried shallots and Shacksauce ($7.59), A Shackmeister Brat topped with cheese sauce (the adorable Shake Shack word […]

Ready for Round 6.0: A Q&A with Chef AQ of LTO

That’s a lot of letters, I know. But I can’t help it. Anyway, Kitchen LTO is an ambitious and interesting concept in Trinity Groves, which in itself is an ambitious and interesting concept. Now we’re on round six of the chef and artist switcheroo so that means it’s time to vote and talk to the […]

Come Hungry: Tre Wilcox’s Julia Pearl Opens Tomorrow in Plano

Southern food is having a moment. That’s obvious. It has been for a few years now, and it is continuing to grow in popularity, well, because it’s delicious, soul-comforting and it reminds people of home, their mamas and also there’s bacon. People love that. It’s science. Anyway, the latest to show up and say they’re […]

Madrina on a Monday…

I was invited to Madrina to sample some of the menu and ended up chatting with owner Michael Martensen for quite a while as we ate. And you know what? Even after all the dang drama it’s clear he’s a nice guy. And not only that, Madrina is a beautiful, beautiful place with great food and […]

A First Look at Lakewood Smokehouse #Comped

I’m just going to start by saying it would take a lot to make me forget about Ali Baba. That’s the Mediterranean-flavored deliciousness that used to reside at the end of my street in Lakewood. But I have to admit the folks who also own Three Stacks BBQ in Frisco have done a pretty sweet redecorating […]

Real Talk: The Top 20 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Dallas According to Foodbitch

Look, I get it. There are lots of folks who think that children and restaurants don’t mix, outside a Mickey D’s. They picture snot-nosed screamers throwing food and breaking dishes and whatnot. Sure, there are demon children who do that, and honestly, ALL children have done ALL of those things at one time or another. It’s just […]

#VIPeek: The Theodore Premieres at Northpark

Premiering tomorrow: a new restaurant serving fare that great American president Theodore Roosevelt would have been into, inside a Wes Anderson-inspired space. Called The Theodore, the place is –not surprisingly, weird— but good-weird, like an Anderson film. With a cast of characters full of talent, tons of flavor and color, but somehow it just works. […]

DÎNER EN BLANC DALLAS Date Announced: September 17, 2015 (but don’t you dare call it a flash mob)

  The following content was originally posted on the Dallas Observer’s food & drink blog. Check it out… Here’s something completely different. How would you like to drive to a predetermined rendezvous point, dressed head-to-toe in fancy all-white clothing, with a picnic table and chairs, dinner and cleanup supplies in tow, be driven to a secret location in the Dallas/Fort […]

A #VIPeek at how Del Frisco’s Grille does summer

Last week, the fine folks at Del Frisco’s Grille invited me out to their brand spanking new Plano restaurant to get a sneak peek at the newest DFG before it opened to the public. Unfortunately, this bitch doesn’t get all the way up that far north too often, so luckily for me, they were also […]

Peep the Uchi Dallas menu right here, right now!

There’s good sushi, there’s bad sushi, and there’s sushi that’s just okay. Then there’s Uchi. Uchi is something entirely different. It’s another category. It’s an experience. Uchi celebrates the product, the purity and quality and perfection of sushi, but it also is about creating dishes (see Kamo Nabe with duck, mushroom and chili, pictured left) that you haven’t seen […]

Savor Dallas Food and Wine festival plans to kick ass and take names in 2015 #Sponsored

You know that saying about leaving well enough alone? Yeah, Dallas has been throwing that saying right out the window lately when it comes to food. Suddenly, the status quo isn’t cutting it, and that’s a very good thing for all of our collective stomachs. First, the Town of Addison’s Taste Addison cluster became Fork […]

My Favorite Meals of 2014

When strangers find out I’m a restaurant writer, they always demand that I name my favorite restaurant. Which is like asking a music writer to name their favorite band, or asking a mother to admit which is their favorite child. There are certainly favoriteS, meals I loved, meals I crave, memorable moments from this year […]

@cityofate #CROSSPOST: Great Patios with Great Food in Dallas

Since writing this post, I’ve come to realize that these spots are only a small sampling of the restaurants where you can dine on a solid patio with seriously good food. For the purposes of the list, I tried to make sure the patios mentioned were unique in some way and that the food found […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: The First Annual Brunchies: Dallas’ Best Brunch Awards

Gah. I feel like I’m always talking about brunch lately. Maybe because I’m always hungry (feeding twins will do that to you) or maybe it’s just because brunch is effing awesome. Probably both. Anyway, the folks at The Observer asked me to come up with some best brunches so I jotted down my favorites in categories […]

Best of 2013 in Photos

Get ready for your tummy to rumble, folks. Here’s my year in fifteen seconds of food photos. Can you spot your favorites? And don’t forget, I spent nine months of this year eating for three…   Happy New Year y’all! My resolution is to eat well. Hopefully yours is too. And no, that doesn’t mean […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: A First Look @kitchenLTO in @trinitygroves

On Monday night my food bastard and I ventured over the bridge to Trinity Groves to dine at Kitchen LTO. It had only been open a few days, but the dishes were expertly crafted and it seems like the concept is off to a great start.   It’s no secret that I’m a fan of […]

@iliveindallas #CROSSPOST: 33 Classic & Historic Dallas Restaurants that Haven’t Lost their Swagger

SWAGGER. Struttin’ around with confidence like you’ve got some high-quality equipment and you really know how to use it. In fact, your shit is proven. Time-tested. Delicious. And everybody loves you. That’s swagger and these classic and/or historic dallas restaurants have it. Don’t believe me? Have more of your favorites to add? No problem. Go […]

Check out Stampede 66’s Menu Before it Opens Tonight

Finally, with the openings of both Spoon and Stampede 66 today, we conclude the intense, major chef-driven restaurant pile-on of the past month. Finally, a little relief. Yeah right. #foodwriterproblems Chef Stephan Pyles posted Stampede 66’s menu to his blog today, along with a few words to mark the occasion. So what are the menu standouts? […]

Dim Sum and Then Some: A #VIPeek at Five Sixty’s New Dim Sum Brunch

A few weeks ago, I got a press release touting Five Sixty’s new Dim Sum Brunch. Now, as a person who eats neither pork nor shrimp, dim sum can be a sad concept, usually yielding very few options. Every time I attempt to participate in this celebrated Asian meal I either accidentally eat something I […]

Dallas Observer’s Best of Dallas Issue is OUT!

I usually only post about stuff I write for The Observer, but in this case, it’s important to note possibly the most important issue of the year, the annual Best of Dallas issue. I think my favorite part about this issue is the Readers’ Choice awards, where in contrast to DMag’s awards, The Observer’s readers […]