// #SPONSORED: // What to eat at Fort Worth’s @FortressFest this weekend 

Going to Fortress Festival? Raise your hand if you plan most of your weekend around the meals you’ll be eating. Yep, me too. So if you’re cool enough to already know about the Fortress Festival going on in Fort Worth this weekend (maybe you’ve already bought tickets, or maybe you’d better hurry because they very […]

A #VIPeek at the New Midnight Brunch at Addison’s Ida Claire

Unless you’re new here (which if you are, heyyyyy! Welcome to the food porn show!! Hope you like some cussin!), you probably might have guessed by now that I am a pretty big fan of the meal that we all commonly refer to as brunch. It can happen, in my humble opinion, any time you […]

A #VIPeek at how Del Frisco’s Grille does summer

Last week, the fine folks at Del Frisco’s Grille invited me out to their brand spanking new Plano restaurant to get a sneak peek at the newest DFG before it opened to the public. Unfortunately, this bitch doesn’t get all the way up that far north too often, so luckily for me, they were also […]

Keys to the Minibar: Alcohol Delivery Service Q&A #3

Minibar, LASH and Drizly walk into a bar… Just kidding! They’re all sitting on their couches, ordering beer, wine and liquor on their asses. Just like all of us, now that we can all order our favorite dranks from the palm of our hands. You’ve read all about Drizly and LASH on my blog. Well, […]

Faster, cheaper, better? Drizly alcohol delivery app launches tomorrow: a Q&A with CEO and Co-founder Nick Rellas

This story sounds familiar. I got a press release. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get a lot of those. Every single day. But this one caught my attention because it had liquor in it. Okay, a lot of the press releases I get actually contain alcohol. This one was about an alcohol delivery app. There are […]

I’ve got the sickness, and Remedy is the cure.

Remedy, the hot new spot from former Top Chef contestant Danyele McPherson (who worked with chefs Brian Luscher of The Grape and Stephan Pyles of Stephan Pyles, Stampede 66 and San Salvaje), tosses out plate after plate of southern-style greatness you wish your mama made, from hushpuppies with spicy butter to deliciously killer chicken liver […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: The Female Bartenders Who Rule Dallas’ Cocktail Scene

It was a pleasure it was getting to know, some virtually and some in person, the bad ass female bartenders of Dallas. This piece started out with just a few suggestions from the Observer’s own peanut gallery, but quickly grew to an almost unmanageable number of these badasses as they suggested others to profile. Freelance […]

Barter: Home of Good Food and Many Douchebags

I know it’s kind of ridiculous for me to even mention the number of douchebags present at a restaurant on McKinney Avenue in Uptown Dallas, but not mentioning it seems somehow worse. Let’s talk about Barter! Deal? Cocktails. These were fabulous, even before I realized Rocco was behind them. My only complaint? Their names. Don’t […]

The 2014 DOSCARS!

In honor of tonight’s Oscar broadcast, Susie Drinks Dallas, Oh Hey Dallas and Yours Truly put together some awards of our own, and awarded them to some local spots. Because why the hell not. Presenting The 2014 DOscars! THE ENVELOPE PLEASE…   Best International Food: Lucia Best Southern Charm: Sissy’s Best Vegetarian Fare: Spiral diner […]