Sneak #VIPeek: Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen is finally ready to open its doors on Lower Greenville, and it’s about to do just that on Monday. Coffee, wine on tap, beer, and of course toast on house-baked breads will be available to all who enter. The whole place is a custom job, design-wise, and it’s pretty cool. There […]

Hypnotic Emporium #VIPeek

Opening Wednesday, March 2, Hypnotic Emporium is the little ice cream shop East Dallassites have always wanted. It’s a soda fountain wrapped in a candy store stuffed in an ice cream shop tied with a cute little bow of nostalgia – with a cherry on top, of course. As you know, if you live in […]

Review: Wayward Sons

My second full-length restaurant review is online on the Dallas Observer Food & Drink blog, and will be on newsstands tomorrow. But my blog readers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the photos I took during my visits. Lucky you.          

A First Look at Lakewood Smokehouse #Comped

I’m just going to start by saying it would take a lot to make me forget about Ali Baba. That’s the Mediterranean-flavored deliciousness that used to reside at the end of my street in Lakewood. But I have to admit the folks who also own Three Stacks BBQ in Frisco have done a pretty sweet redecorating […]

Lake Highlands Residents Rejoice: Resident Taqueria Opens Today

I live in East Dallas. Lakewood, specifically. And in Lakewood, we are lucky enough to have several delicious restaurants to choose from when we are hungry and our kitchens just seem like a lot of …work. But there is a nearby East Dallas neighborhood that is quite vast called Lake Highlands. These vast lands are […]

Unleavened is open and feeding Lakewood local, tasty, healthy things

Fun fact: I get excited when new restaurants open. Shocking, I know. Well, I get super extra excited when new restaurants open up in East Dallas like kind of almost on my street. Unleavened just did that. So I scurried over there, took some photos, wrote about it for the Dallas Observer, and then a […]

Let’s Rap About Rapscallion, Shall We? #EATALLTHEDAMNTHINGS @RpscllnDallas

Ahhh yes. The soft open. They should really call it a hard open because, well, you know. Okay, I’ll say it. Soft opens get me excited. Yep. In that kind of way. I snagged a table (thank you, sweet baby jesus!), brought two friends along (Ooh! A threesome!) and headed to the much-anticipated Rapscallion on Friday night. A […]

I’ve got the sickness, and Remedy is the cure.

Remedy, the hot new spot from former Top Chef contestant Danyele McPherson (who worked with chefs Brian Luscher of The Grape and Stephan Pyles of Stephan Pyles, Stampede 66 and San Salvaje), tosses out plate after plate of southern-style greatness you wish your mama made, from hushpuppies with spicy butter to deliciously killer chicken liver […]

Peep the new menu at Goodfriend! #EatingEastDallas

Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling of Goodfriend (and Blind Butcher) have unleashed a new menu upon us. These guys are smart. Know how I know? Because they opened up an awesome bar/restaurant in East Dallas before anyone else was doing something that awesome. And they’ve been rewarded. Full house, waits, and great times every time […]

The foodbitch 100 is LIVE!

Happy 2014! What’s that you say? I’m a little bit late? Well, yeah. I had twin food babies in October. WHAT DID YOU DO? Kidding. But all excuses aside, I’ve been working on this list for quite some time and now it’s finally ready for you to enjoy. Inspired by Oh Hey Dallas’ list, over […]

The Pizza in My Backyard: a Look at the New Cane Rosso

Hello, backlog! See, the good news is that since I waited so damn long to enjoy the greatness that is Cane Rosso White Rock, we can now conclude that the new location lacks no deliciousness in comparison to the original in Deep Ellum. It’s all good, you guys. The menu is larger, in fact, and […]

More Mot Hai Ba, Please. #eatingeastdallas

Inside the teeny space that housed Watel’s Bistro, which before that housed the famous York Street restaurant, is a new Vietnamese spot created by Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare. It’s cool looking, the menu is small but mighty and there are cute little details like bamboo paper straws and little red monkey friends to hang […]

Mot Hai Ba opens April 23. Peep the menu. #eatingeastdallas

The much-anticipated Vietnamese restaurant from ACME F&B vets and current Good 2 Go/Goodfriend chefs Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare opens on April 23. If you recall, the space near the corner of Live Oak and Skillman formerly housed Bistro Watel’s, and prior to that, the famed York Street restaurant manned by chef Sharon Hague. SIGH. […]

A YMCAVIPeek at The LOT in East Dallas

In case you don’t know, I moved to East Dallas just over a year ago. Because I plan to live in the area for many happy years, I become overwhelmingly ecstatic when something awesome happens there. Cases in point: White Rock Marathon reroutes so I can escape to brunch, Cane Rosso White Rock OMG, badass […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Celebrating Burgers & Beer with Goodfriend

There are awesome things happening in East Dallas. Lots to celebrate. And a lot those things are due to the hard work of the two guys who own Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House off Garland and Peavy Road, Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling. What makes this neighborhood bar different from most is the strong […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: #EatingEastDallas at Latin Deli

There’s a new place to grab a sandwich in East Dallas and it’s got Latin flavor. Latin Deli delivers on good, fast and cheap, to use a really annoying business analogy. The chicken salad was a bit odd (potatoes and veggies?), but I was a big fan of the lomo saltado. If you’re a pork […]

#EatingEastDallas: The New Matt’s Brings It

I won’t deny this: when Matt’s shuttered to be replaced by an effing Mi Cocina I threw a wee bit of a bitch-fit. Why replace hometown Tex-Mex comfort food with a mediocre chain version? The chips are an affront to Tex-Mex!! And its proximity to my new home in East Dallas didn’t help. This felt […]

New News: Mex-Mex Peak & Elm to Open in February

No joke: I was just saying to my stomach the other day that there’s good Mex-Mex in North Dallas (Meso Maya) and good Mex-Mex in the O.C. (Mesa Veracruz), but both are a decent jaunt from my East Dallas ‘hood. “We (my stomach and I) neeeeeed some fancy-ish Mex-Mex in East Dallas!” And like the […]