NOW SWIRLING: Cow Tipping Creamery in East Dallas #FirstLook #VIPeek

Welp, things are happening and they are sweet, delicious things that are very, very bad for my waistline. First, Hypnotic Emporium Ice Cream opened up next to Hypnotic Donuts. Emporium Pies is coming to Deep Ellum. And now this: Cow Tipping Creamery, a mecca of soft serve heaven, is open in East Dallas — right inside […]

Review: Wayward Sons

My second full-length restaurant review is online on the Dallas Observer Food & Drink blog, and will be on newsstands tomorrow. But my blog readers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the photos I took during my visits. Lucky you.          

Lake Highlands Residents Rejoice: Resident Taqueria Opens Today

I live in East Dallas. Lakewood, specifically. And in Lakewood, we are lucky enough to have several delicious restaurants to choose from when we are hungry and our kitchens just seem like a lot of …work. But there is a nearby East Dallas neighborhood that is quite vast called Lake Highlands. These vast lands are […]

Unleavened is open and feeding Lakewood local, tasty, healthy things

Fun fact: I get excited when new restaurants open. Shocking, I know. Well, I get super extra excited when new restaurants open up in East Dallas like kind of almost on my street. Unleavened just did that. So I scurried over there, took some photos, wrote about it for the Dallas Observer, and then a […]

Decoding Rapscallion’s Bar Menu with Victualler Eddie Eakin: a @DallasObserver @CityOfAte #Repost

The idea for this Q&A came to me while I was standing with my two friends at Rapscallion, waiting to be seated. We were all staring at the cocktails portion of the bar menu, dumbfounded by the words printed there. We didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. We definitely laughed, because it is […]

Savor Dallas Food and Wine festival plans to kick ass and take names in 2015 #Sponsored

You know that saying about leaving well enough alone? Yeah, Dallas has been throwing that saying right out the window lately when it comes to food. Suddenly, the status quo isn’t cutting it, and that’s a very good thing for all of our collective stomachs. First, the Town of Addison’s Taste Addison cluster became Fork […]

New Food News! Nothing Bundt Cakes (@nothingbundt) is coming to Casa Linda #eatingeastdallas

Oh thank the cake gods! My favorite cake (Yeah, that’s right, you heard me) is coming to East Dallas AKA my very nearby hood. Sorry, hips, this one’s gonna hurt. I got this information via press release on Friday, and immediately squealed with delight. There’s just something about Nothing Bundt Cakes. It’s the most moist […]

A YMCAVIPeek at The LOT in East Dallas

In case you don’t know, I moved to East Dallas just over a year ago. Because I plan to live in the area for many happy years, I become overwhelmingly ecstatic when something awesome happens there. Cases in point: White Rock Marathon reroutes so I can escape to brunch, Cane Rosso White Rock OMG, badass […]

*UPDATED* New Food News: More to Love at Goodfriend

Oh happy day! Just when you thought Goodfriend couldn’t get any gooder, here comes chefs Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare with some new drool-worthy menu items to try. And they sound really, really good. And just in time for Valentine’s Day. Goodfriend, let’s be more than friends. New & Notable:  Fez Mezze: hummus with escalavida, goat […]

Sakhuu Kinda Sucked #EatingEastDallas

I wanted to like Sakhuu. I really did. I love Thai food from Tea to Tom Kha by way of Panang, but what I found at the new, very pretty Sakhuu on Bryan was disappointment at every turn. Aside from super friendly staff, a great space and decent ambiance, Everything I put in my mouth […]

Torchy’s Lands in Casa Linda

Good news for East Dallas eaters: Torchy’s in Casa Linda is now OPEN for taco business. That means I can get my taco of the month (this month it’s a Naughty Santa with shrimp), fried avocado taco (yeah that’s right), Mr. Pink (fish taco with seared tuna), and soda pop sweetened with cane sugar much […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Celebrating Burgers & Beer with Goodfriend

There are awesome things happening in East Dallas. Lots to celebrate. And a lot those things are due to the hard work of the two guys who own Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House off Garland and Peavy Road, Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling. What makes this neighborhood bar different from most is the strong […]

#EatingEastDallas: Benny’s Classic Grill

Dear owner of Lover’s Pizza AND Benny’s Classic Grill, I’m sorry, but if you own a respectable pizza joint in Dallas, how can you sleep at night knowing a pizza like this is being served at another of your restaurants?! I don’t understand this, please explain. Sincerely, foodbitch I have said many times that we […]

THIS SATURDAY: East Dallas Swims with the Fishes!

TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market, foodbitch’s fishmonger of choice, is heading to East Dallas for a fantastical pop-up shop inside Urbano from 11-4 this Saturday the 25th. Jimmy’s, Spicer’s, TJ’s – that block’s going to be chock full of goodness. Go there. Learn something you didn’t know about fish from TJ’s own Jon Alexis. There will be […]