Foodbitch Travel Playbook: Operation Staycation, Family Edition at the Hilton Anatole

Foodbitch Travel Playbook: Operation Staycation, Family Edition at the Hilton Anatole & JadeWaters Resort Last summer, I was lucky enough to be among the first to experience the lovely oasis that is the newly resort-ized Hilton Anatole & JadeWaters. Currently my fave spot to staycate, the Anatole has everything a family needs to have tons […]

The Foodbitch Guide to DFW Restaurant Week 2017

DFW RESTAURANT WEEK IS SO SOON you guys. Reservations are already coming in for the DFW Restaurant Week 2017. So you know what that means. Time to make some of your own. First things first… Here’s a lil recap of the DFW Restaurant Week Food & Wine Night in One Arts Plaza. Last year the […]

Meat Your Friends at Corrientes 348: A #VIPeek

Meat your friends at Corrientes 348 South Americans just seem to know how to make friends easily. Well, Corrientes 348 just opened up downtown and now I think I know their secret. It’s food. Lots and lots of grilled meats and vegetables served family style in a festive setting. Corrientes 348 brought that spirit stateside […]

Shinsei: A Dallas Mainstay For Everyday Celebrations

Was my birthday dinner better than yours? Possibly. Did you spend yours with good friends and Shinsei? Well, let’s just say I’m a lucky girl, and also let’s not talk about how old I am. Oh. And let’s start with dessert, shall we?   Banana pudding goodness. Four spoons. I’m not entirely sure if the […]

Review: Montlake Cut

  I’m not going to lie: this freelance food critic gig’s got me feelin’ the perks pretty hard. Montlake Cut, for example, is a lovely little boat, I mean restaurant, (It’s raining today, everything seems seafaring) that moved into the space where my beloved Spoon used to be. I loved getting to experience it a […]

Review: Wayward Sons

My second full-length restaurant review is online on the Dallas Observer Food & Drink blog, and will be on newsstands tomorrow. But my blog readers get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the photos I took during my visits. Lucky you.          

Real Talk: The Top 20 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Dallas According to Foodbitch

Look, I get it. There are lots of folks who think that children and restaurants don’t mix, outside a Mickey D’s. They picture snot-nosed screamers throwing food and breaking dishes and whatnot. Sure, there are demon children who do that, and honestly, ALL children have done ALL of those things at one time or another. It’s just […]

Nosh Bistro & Bar in North Dallas: New Home, Same Schtick.

My first full-length restaurant review is in the books, people. And it feels… weird. When a chef’s resume reads like a broken record player, it might be time to shake things up rather than do a same-old, same-old sort of deal in a new location. But hey, that’s just my opinion. And usually nobody asks […]

foodbitch Guide to DFW Restaurant Week 2015

So I know I already posted about Restaurant Week this year, but it’s a hot topic. Here are a few more things to know, as well as my two-twenty cents about which restaurants are worth paying a visit during this magical time of the year. Without further ado, I’ll now present The foodbitch Guide to DFW Restaurant Week 2015. […]

A #VIPeek at how Del Frisco’s Grille does summer

Last week, the fine folks at Del Frisco’s Grille invited me out to their brand spanking new Plano restaurant to get a sneak peek at the newest DFG before it opened to the public. Unfortunately, this bitch doesn’t get all the way up that far north too often, so luckily for me, they were also […]

Uchi Dallas Opens Tonight. Here’s a Peek Inside, and a Q&A with the Chefs

Uchi Dallas opens tonight. FINALLY! This following is a post of a piece I wrote for The Dallas Observer’s Food & Drink blog. You can also read it there if you’d like.  Uchi means “naked” in Japanese, um Swahili. Makes sense, when you think about it. Not because every “foodie” (shudder) in town is all, […]

Peep the Uchi Dallas menu right here, right now!

There’s good sushi, there’s bad sushi, and there’s sushi that’s just okay. Then there’s Uchi. Uchi is something entirely different. It’s another category. It’s an experience. Uchi celebrates the product, the purity and quality and perfection of sushi, but it also is about creating dishes (see Kamo Nabe with duck, mushroom and chili, pictured left) that you haven’t seen […]

Peep Chef Tesar’s New Lunch Menu at Oak Restaurant

  Oak Restaurant has been like a roller coaster, y’all. Ups and downs, but always a fun ride. I’ve never had a bad meal at Oak, though service has been spotty-to-weird, and the menus have lost their way more than once, twisting and turning, looping and even spinning out of control. Or maybe it was just […]

My #Sponsored Steakcation at The Highland Dallas, Curio Collection by Hilton

Have I mentioned lately that I’m a lucky bitch? Well, perhaps I haven’t satisfied my mentions quota for 2014, then. Since the year is winding down, let’s go ahead and toss another one on the pile. I am one lucky bitch. This time, it’s because the lovely people at Curio, a collection by Hilton, gave […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: #OMFGBP This Bread Pudding from Stock & Barrel

Once upon a time, two fairy princesses went to dinner together at a lovely little place in a faraway land called Oak Cliff. The decor was sprinkled with class. The food was plated beautifully, culinarily creative and seriously delicious. Then dessert appeared. Four words were spoken: Toffee. Croissant. Bread. Pudding. And then no more words […]

@iliveindallas #CROSSPOST: 33 Classic & Historic Dallas Restaurants that Haven’t Lost their Swagger

SWAGGER. Struttin’ around with confidence like you’ve got some high-quality equipment and you really know how to use it. In fact, your shit is proven. Time-tested. Delicious. And everybody loves you. That’s swagger and these classic and/or historic dallas restaurants have it. Don’t believe me? Have more of your favorites to add? No problem. Go […]

Abacus’ New Fall Dishes AKA What I Did on 12-12-12

Let me just spit it out. On 12-12-12 I enjoyed twelve courses of Abacus. Chef Kent Rathbun was there the whole time, explaining dish after dish, as well as his pastry chef (Abbey Renegar), new chef de cuisine (Daniel J. Burr) and sommelier. It sounds like a dream, right? Until relatively recently, like many Dallassites, a […]

Check out Stampede 66’s Menu Before it Opens Tonight

Finally, with the openings of both Spoon and Stampede 66 today, we conclude the intense, major chef-driven restaurant pile-on of the past month. Finally, a little relief. Yeah right. #foodwriterproblems Chef Stephan Pyles posted Stampede 66’s menu to his blog today, along with a few words to mark the occasion. So what are the menu standouts? […]