// #SPONSORED: // What to eat at Fort Worth’s @FortressFest this weekend 

Going to Fortress Festival? Raise your hand if you plan most of your weekend around the meals you’ll be eating. Yep, me too. So if you’re cool enough to already know about the Fortress Festival going on in Fort Worth this weekend (maybe you’ve already bought tickets, or maybe you’d better hurry because they very […]

Read My Official 2015 Austin Food and Wine Festival Recap on the Official AFWFest Blog

As an official Austin Food & Wine Festival Blogger Ambassador, one of my official ambassadorial duties was to write about my experiences for the festival and present my findings to the powers that be so that my words might be published on the official blog of the festival. So. Damn. Official. This was indeed exciting. […]

#UberIceCream Uber Celebrates National Ice Cream Day by Bringing You Ice Cream for $25

It sounds weird, and it is. But sometimes sitting on your ass is worth the $25 it costs to have five ice cream treats delivered for you and four of your friends or coworkers. It’s hot out there, people. So here’s what you need to know. Today, otherwise known as National Ice Cream Day, you […]