@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Café Momentum Breaks Bread, Comes Home to Downtown Dallas

This is a reposting of my article on the Dallas Observer’s City of Ate blog from this morning. As food writers, critics, bloggers, instagrammers and otherwise overly food-obsessed folk, it’s often easy to get wrapped up in the idea that food is somehow more important than it is. Yes, food nourishes our bodies. Food can […]

Fork & Cork is Coming to Addison May 16-17 #sponsored

NOTE: This post is sponsored by the folks at Fork & Cork. They told me I could have dinner with Marcus Samuelsson if I wrote about it.* *That’s a lie. Actually, I’m trying out this whole sponsored post thing, because as it turns out, food babies are hella expensive! But trust me when I say […]

Crushin’ on CrushCraft Thai Street Eats

  A few of weeks ago I visited CrushCraft Thai Street Eats in Uptown. This place replaced the Baker Bros. sandwich place where the workers at The Quadrangle (including myself, I must admit) had been forced to eat when time was of the essence. Luckily, CrushCraft is a far, far better option. Like, I’d rather […]

The foodbitch 100 is LIVE!

Happy 2014! What’s that you say? I’m a little bit late? Well, yeah. I had twin food babies in October. WHAT DID YOU DO? Kidding. But all excuses aside, I’ve been working on this list for quite some time and now it’s finally ready for you to enjoy. Inspired by Oh Hey Dallas’ list, over […]

The 2014 DOSCARS!

In honor of tonight’s Oscar broadcast, Susie Drinks Dallas, Oh Hey Dallas and Yours Truly put together some awards of our own, and awarded them to some local spots. Because why the hell not. Presenting The 2014 DOscars! THE ENVELOPE PLEASE…   Best International Food: Lucia Best Southern Charm: Sissy’s Best Vegetarian Fare: Spiral diner […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials Starring Food, 2014 Edition

For the third year in a row, I gave folks a piece of my mind concerning the advertising spots played during the Super Bowl. Why should you care? You shouldn’t. It’s not really a big deal. But if you’d like to give it a quick read over on City of Ate and decide whether you […]

Best of 2013 in Photos

Get ready for your tummy to rumble, folks. Here’s my year in fifteen seconds of food photos. Can you spot your favorites? And don’t forget, I spent nine months of this year eating for three…   Happy New Year y’all! My resolution is to eat well. Hopefully yours is too. And no, that doesn’t mean […]

Help Feed 1,500 Families at TangoTab’s Fall Fiasco Fundraiser

TangoTab is an advocacy-driven food enthusiast start-up that I’m a fan of. Their app helps you save money and feed others while dining at delicious local restaurants. This Thursday, they’re hosting a “Fall Fiasco” at the Nodding Donkey’s SMU Blvd location from 7pm to 10pm. And in a delicious twist, Aschere Energy is matching all […]

@cityofate #CROSSPOST: Dallas’ 5 Best Brunch Gut Bombs

Let’s talk about BRUNCH, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be! Yes, brunch is that good. We know this. And we also know that size does matter. Because pancakes. What was I saying? Oh yeah, that’s right… The folks at City […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST A First Look at Pakpao Thai Food in the Design District

On Monday night, some friends and I dined at Pakpao, the new Thai food spot in the Design District behind my beloved Oak. Speaking of Oak, the same folks are behind Pakpao Thai Food. Now it all comes together in a neat little circle. Anyway, we tried to taste everything, but our wallets and stomachs […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Get Ready for Fork Fight @trinitygroves!

Fork Fight is coming! Want to read up on it and maybe confuse the shit out of yourself? Do that over on City of Ate. Otherwise, here’s where to get tickets, and the schedule is below. Wednesday, July 10: Round 1 with SOUK vs. Casa Rubia Thursday, July 18: Round 2 with Kitchen LTO vs. […]

Mot Hai Ba opens April 23. Peep the menu. #eatingeastdallas

The much-anticipated Vietnamese restaurant from ACME F&B vets and current Good 2 Go/Goodfriend chefs Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare opens on April 23. If you recall, the space near the corner of Live Oak and Skillman formerly housed Bistro Watel’s, and prior to that, the famed York Street restaurant manned by chef Sharon Hague. SIGH. […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Austin Food & Wine Festival to be a Buffet of Food, Wine, Music and Stars

If you want to see a bitch get excited, offer her a chance to be an “Official 2013 AFWF Lifestyle Ambassador.” That’s what I always say. Okay, so I don’t always say that, but I sure am saying it now. Turns out after watching the festival go by, listfully, longingly wanting to attend, this year […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: The Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials Starring Food: 2013 Edition

Well folks, last night was the Big Game, and the yearly crisscrossing of my two loves: advertising and food. It was also a special night, as it was the night I wrote my 100th post for City of Ate. I can’t believe I’ve written 100. That’s got to be, like 500 hours of work. And even though […]

Happy New Year! @CityofAte #CROSSPOST: 13 Dallas Spots for Healthy Foods That Don’t Suck

It’s a new year or something. Don’t starve yourself or eat lettuce like you’re a fucking bunny rabbit. Eat something delicious that also happens to be healthy. Because if you’re not happy, you’re probably vegan. And life’s just not worth living if you’re not eating something delicious. In my post on City of Ate, I […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: 8 Ways to Impress Your Jewish Friends for Chanukah

Last year I wrote a post about why Jewish people are awesome. Something like that. This year, I wrote about how to impress your awesome Jewish friends with knowledge, food, awesome gifts or all of the above. Give it a peruse and let me know what you think.   ON A RELATED, SIDE NOTE: If […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Happy Chicken Fried Steak Day!

As you might expect, I’m not a huge fried food person. I dont’ go crazy at the fair, eating everything in sight, and I rarely indulge in fried food at restaurants, because I generally prefer other, less pedestrian methods of preparation (nose in air). But Texas Chicken Fried Steak Day, perhaps the greatest national holiday […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: My First Look at THE GREEK in One Arts Plaza

I’m a fan of Greek food. Good Mediterranean food is always full of flavor, fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses and meat — these folks really know what to do with a piece of meat! That’s why when I caught word of the Ziziki’s owners opening in the old Commissary spot in One Arts Plaza, I was […]

Scenes from Sunday’s Block Party at One Arts Plaza

Yesterday, the folks at One Arts Plaza hosted a free block party with live music, cocktail competitions, tons of vendors, dogs for adoption plus samples and food for sale. Here’s what you missed if you didn’t make it over there. The view when I walked in. Intimidating, isn’t it? But then I saw the knitted […]

Celebrity Chefs Announced for 10/19 DIFFA Burgers & Burgundy Event!

Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s some info from the Burgers & Burgundy camp: They’ve announced their celebrity burger makers! They are: John Tesar – Spoon Bar & Kitchen Tiffany Derry – Private Social Michael Sindoni – Charlie Palmer Scott Romano – Private Chef Patton Robertson – Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck Ross Demers […]

#VIPeek: Dinner at Max’s Wine Dive Brings Surprises

Max’s Wine Dive opened a few weeks ago in the space vacated by BORDER’S bookstore long ago. As a casually interested passerby type of person, I noticed that fried chicken and champagne were kind of a big deal to them. And when I finally walked inside last night at the media dinner party they hosted, […]