It’s Chrismukkah! Make Your Holidays Easy with Eatzi’s #TakeItEatzis #Sponsored

It’s true what people are saying. The holidays are getting out of hand. Spending-wise, expectations-wise and definitely stress-wise. All you really need to get in the holiday spirit are a few meaningful traditions, some festive atmosphere and the people you care about. Oh, and food. Lots of food. I happen to love cooking and entertaining, […]

Because Thanksgiving: Give The Power of Pie Through Sunday

Good news! This opportunity has been extended through Sunday! If you’re like me and you’ve been trying to find things to be thankful for lately, one thing you can be thankful for is your health. That you’re not hungry. And that there are organizations like VNA Texas and Meals on Wheels that take care of […]

Taking Back Turkey: The Bitch is Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner This Year

My name is foodbitch, and I fucking love Thanksgiving. But in the past few years, I’ve had to put my love for the food-based holiday on the proverbial (and somewhat literal) back burner after having twin foodbabies and taking trips to visit family over the holidays. I love my children, and I adore my family, […]

@CityOfAte #CROSSPOST: Dear Thanksgiving Haters of 2014, STFU

I tend to write an annual Thanksgiving lovefest-type of post. Because I love Thanksgiving real hard. This time, I went after the Thanksgiving haters. You know who you are. Check out my post detailing all the reasons why Thanksgiving haters are WRONG over on City of Ate. And here is a taste of posts from […]

Fuel Your Holiday Shopping at Mockingbird Station’s New Smashburger

If you’re running about the city, shopping your ass off and burning precious calories, refueling is needed. Now there’s a brand new option for doing just that, at Smashburger in Mockingbird station. The burger chain’s PR folks invited me to join in a lunchtime smashing event, which I could not turn down. Here’s what we […]