SNOWBABY. Shaved Ice + Awesome is Coming to Lakewood

Image via Snowbaby’s Instagram page SNOWBABY IS NEITHER SNOW NOR A BABY, BUT IT’S AMAZING. And it’s coming soon to Lakewood. Perhaps you’ve had shaved ice, water ice, or even a sno cone with a house-made, organic flavors poured on top. But you probably haven’t had anything like Snowbaby. Let’s start with the inspiration behind […]

NOW SWIRLING: Cow Tipping Creamery in East Dallas #FirstLook #VIPeek

Welp, things are happening and they are sweet, delicious things that are very, very bad for my waistline. First, Hypnotic Emporium Ice Cream opened up next to Hypnotic Donuts. Emporium Pies is coming to Deep Ellum. And now this: Cow Tipping Creamery, a mecca of soft serve heaven, is open in East Dallas — right inside […]

Hypnotic Emporium #VIPeek

Opening Wednesday, March 2, Hypnotic Emporium is the little ice cream shop East Dallassites have always wanted. It’s a soda fountain wrapped in a candy store stuffed in an ice cream shop tied with a cute little bow of nostalgia – with a cherry on top, of course. As you know, if you live in […]

#highfashion: @askfoodbitch featured on the Mockingbird Styles blog

And now for something completely different. I got to act like a style blogger (well, one who eats a ton of snacks anyway) a couple of weeks ago when I hit the shops and restaurants around Mockingbird Station with a badass photographer in tow to be featured on the Mockingbird Styles blog. I’m so NOT a style blogger, […]

#UberIceCream Uber Celebrates National Ice Cream Day by Bringing You Ice Cream for $25

It sounds weird, and it is. But sometimes sitting on your ass is worth the $25 it costs to have five ice cream treats delivered for you and four of your friends or coworkers. It’s hot out there, people. So here’s what you need to know. Today, otherwise known as National Ice Cream Day, you […]

Eat This Taco: New Ice Cream Tacos at Pokey O’s!

Walking into Pokey O’s (which has been around for seven years! Go Pokey!), I was more than psyched to try the Ice Cream Taco, the newest personalized creation at the cookies-and-ice-cream empire. I was in for a treat. Not since Taco Bueno introduced the Choco Taco have I been this excited about a dessert-based taco. […]