Sprezza Saturday Night

Sprezza sits in an unassuming house on Maple in Oaklawn. Inside, a clean, light and bright interior is bustling, mostly because it’s packed with people who are excited for what they’re about to eat. And they should be. Because the man who brought us Nonna and Carbone’s is about to bring them platefuls of delicious pasta […]

The Drive is #FtWorthIt: Vivo 53’s INSANE SUNDAE Lineup

This past Saturday night, two Dallasites got insane and headed to Cowtown to eat Italian food and feast on insane sundaes. Well, one insane sundae. I described this insane sundae as “click bait for your mouth and brain.” And I really think that’s it. It’s something that you’re looking at, like,wanting to double tap. WITH YOUR FACE. […]

Black, White and Red All Over: Saint Rocco’s New York Italian is Open in Trinity Groves

Funny story: legendary restauranteur and Dallassite Phil Romano (no relation to Ray) gave me his biscotti yesterday. Not a euphemism. Anyway, here are the  photos I took of his new flagship restaurant in his passion project: Trinity Groves. Check out the full story by Yours Truly over on the Dallas Observer food blog later this […]