Bowls, beautiful bowls! Huge congratulations to @berrynakedpops…

Bowls, beautiful bowls! Huge congratulations to @berrynakedpops on opening their second location in #Richardson, now complete with soulful and sinful purée bowls for your indulging (and instagramming) pleasure. Of course there are still pops on pops on pops in incredibly delicious flavors too. Go check them out next time you’re in the area! See my […]

Kin Kin is Gone Gone; Now Bite by Eddy T is Open on Oak Lawn Avenue #VIPeek

The restaurant formerly known as Kin Kin but now known as Bite, which was a restaurant in Fort Worth that closed, but not the Kin Kin in Fort Worth, because that one’s still kickin’, is open… as Bite now… on Oak Lawn Avenue in Dallas. And there may or may not be more Kins or […]

A #VIPeek at the New Midnight Brunch at Addison’s Ida Claire

Unless you’re new here (which if you are, heyyyyy! Welcome to the food porn show!! Hope you like some cussin!), you probably might have guessed by now that I am a pretty big fan of the meal that we all commonly refer to as brunch. It can happen, in my humble opinion, any time you […]

Read My Official 2015 Austin Food and Wine Festival Recap on the Official AFWFest Blog

As an official Austin Food & Wine Festival Blogger Ambassador, one of my official ambassadorial duties was to write about my experiences for the festival and present my findings to the powers that be so that my words might be published on the official blog of the festival. So. Damn. Official. This was indeed exciting. […]

Peep the Uchi Dallas menu right here, right now!

There’s good sushi, there’s bad sushi, and there’s sushi that’s just okay. Then there’s Uchi. Uchi is something entirely different. It’s another category. It’s an experience. Uchi celebrates the product, the purity and quality and perfection of sushi, but it also is about creating dishes (see Kamo Nabe with duck, mushroom and chili, pictured left) that you haven’t seen […]

Style + Taste: The New @NespressoUSA Store inside Northpark #SWAGBRAG

First things first: Tim Gunn endorsement from food bitch on Vimeo. So embarrassing. I totally shot this video vertically like a n00b. In my defense, I was out-of-my-mind excited to meet Tim and trying not to pee my pants at the same time. This turned me into an old person, apparently. And now that we’ve […]

A #VIPeek at Savor on Klyde Warren Park

While I’ve been a tad bit preoccupied of late with the #foodbabies, I did get to have a fabulous last hurrah for a while at Savor for an excellent media dinner with some really great people, great food and service. I was already excited to try Savor as I’m a big fan of all things […]

13 Things I Loved About Last Week’s Jacob’s Creek Wine Dinner @Bistro31 #BLTN

That hashtag up there (#BLTN) is for Better Late Than Never. I’m a busy bitch. I sometimes take a little too long to get my shit together and tell you all about the deliciousness I experience. Sorry about that. But the expiration date isn’t quite upon us, so it’s still good. ;) The folks at […]