10 Dallas Date Night Classics

#GREATEST DALLAS DATE NIGHT CLASSICS If you haven’t been here, then you don’t know Dallas. So, to be completely honest, this list is pulling some double duty right now. I wrote a longer list for the folks at Central Track, but this, more curated list is just for you darlings, so you can keep the […]

New News: Mex-Mex Peak & Elm to Open in February

No joke: I was just saying to my stomach the other day that there’s good Mex-Mex in North Dallas (Meso Maya) and good Mex-Mex in the O.C. (Mesa Veracruz), but both are a decent jaunt from my East Dallas ‘hood. “We (my stomach and I) neeeeeed some fancy-ish Mex-Mex in East Dallas!” And like the […]

Mesa is in Distress. Here’s Why, In My Opinion, and How You Can Help

Mesa Veracruz is on Jefferson in Oak Cliff. And according to D Magazine, it’s in trouble. But here’s the thing, or two, about Mesa that I think is causing its distress.  1) Its location isn’t great. Yes, technically it’s close to places like “Eno’s, Glorias, Oddfellows, or Vera Cruz,” as one commenter on Dmag’s blog […]