Madrina on a Monday…

I was invited to Madrina to sample some of the menu and ended up chatting with owner Michael Martensen for quite a while as we ate. And you know what? Even after all the dang drama it’s clear he’s a nice guy. And not only that, Madrina is a beautiful, beautiful place with great food and […]

Salud! A Lunazul Tequila dinner at el Bolero

Last night, the folks at Apheleia Restaurant Group (who also bring us the delicious and beautiful Oak and Pakpao) invited me to a Lunazul Tequila tequila dinner at el Bolero — three courses paired el Bolero’s Mexican goodness. I don’t always sip liquor, but when I do, it’s usually tequila, so I eagerly agreed to attend said dinner. Salud! […]

// #SPONSORED POST // Negra Modelo + Rick Bayless = #ThePerfectComplement

On Wednesday night, Negra Modelo beer and food lovers gathered at Trinity Groves to mingle and enjoy some flavors of Mexico while celebuchef Rick Bayless (cookbook author, winner of Top Chef Masters as well as several James Beard Foundation awards) dropped some serious guacamole and slow-cooked meat knowledge on us all. A unique event to […]

#EatingEastDallas: The New Matt’s Brings It

I won’t deny this: when Matt’s shuttered to be replaced by an effing Mi Cocina I threw a wee bit of a bitch-fit. Why replace hometown Tex-Mex comfort food with a mediocre chain version? The chips are an affront to Tex-Mex!! And its proximity to my new home in East Dallas didn’t help. This felt […]

Monica’s Got Her Groove Back

Yesterday, Monica Greene’s introduced her new restaurant – Monica’s Nueva Cocina – to Dallas. The new space is large and colorful — playing with light and art without restraint. It could easily turn a weeknight out into a party. Monica took over the spot previously occupied by Sushi Axiom (meh) and it sits in the […]