Sneak #VIPeek: Toasted Coffee + Kitchen

Toasted Coffee + Kitchen is finally ready to open its doors on Lower Greenville, and it’s about to do just that on Monday. Coffee, wine on tap, beer, and of course toast on house-baked breads will be available to all who enter. The whole place is a custom job, design-wise, and it’s pretty cool. There […]

Come Hungry: Tre Wilcox’s Julia Pearl Opens Tomorrow in Plano

Southern food is having a moment. That’s obvious. It has been for a few years now, and it is continuing to grow in popularity, well, because it’s delicious, soul-comforting and it reminds people of home, their mamas and also there’s bacon. People love that. It’s science. Anyway, the latest to show up and say they’re […]

Madrina on a Monday…

I was invited to Madrina to sample some of the menu and ended up chatting with owner Michael Martensen for quite a while as we ate. And you know what? Even after all the dang drama it’s clear he’s a nice guy. And not only that, Madrina is a beautiful, beautiful place with great food and […]

Crushin’ on CrushCraft Thai Street Eats

  A few of weeks ago I visited CrushCraft Thai Street Eats in Uptown. This place replaced the Baker Bros. sandwich place where the workers at The Quadrangle (including myself, I must admit) had been forced to eat when time was of the essence. Luckily, CrushCraft is a far, far better option. Like, I’d rather […]

NEW NEWS! Mutts is Coming in May to Uptown #woof

Part restaurant, part dog park, all BIG. That’s Mutts, the “Modern Day “Roadside” Burger Stand/Dog Park ” in the former Hank Haney Golf space in Uptown. Fun stuff about Mutts: • From Free Range Concepts partners, Josh Sepkowitz and Kyle Noonan  of Bowl & Barrel, Sunset Lounge and The Rustic • There will be a private, maintained […]

#VIPeek: JoJo brings the mojo

About a week ago, I was invited to try JoJo Eating House & Bar, the new French-Mediterranean, well, eating house and bar, on Howell Street near the Quadrangle. Since I work right over there, I was already planning on heading over to try it myself just as soon as my schedule allowed, but I have […]

Peep @Mockingbirdsta’s Taproom’s Menu

Mockingbird Taproom, the new pub/restaurant slated to open up in the space vacated by Vapiano, just released its menu to the interwebz. In case you missed it, or aren’t one of their 125 fans, this here menu just popped up on Mockingbird Taproom’s facebook page. Looks like tacos, wings, burgers, sammies and a few apps […]

In Which Infamous Chef John Tesar and I Sat Down to Chat…

Is this not great? Am I not the luckiest man in the world?!  — Chef John Tesar Tonight, the much anticipated Spoon opens up in Preston Center. I got the opportunity to chat with Chef John Tesar about the place a couple nights before it opened, which also happened to be the night his season […]

Check out Stampede 66’s Menu Before it Opens Tonight

Finally, with the openings of both Spoon and Stampede 66 today, we conclude the intense, major chef-driven restaurant pile-on of the past month. Finally, a little relief. Yeah right. #foodwriterproblems Chef Stephan Pyles posted Stampede 66’s menu to his blog today, along with a few words to mark the occasion. So what are the menu standouts? […]

A #VIPeek at Matt McCallister’s FT33

One part art gallery. One part industrial complex. One part restaurant. That’s FT33. Today I was treated to lunch at one of the most anticipated openings this year: Chef McCallister’s FT 33.  This special meal, laid out for the media, was a spectacular sampling of the type of work McCallister lives for: artistic, creative, molecular, […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: TJ’s Seafood Market and Grill is OPEN!

Today I ate a platter of salty fish for lunch. And it was incredible. I’ve been waiting for my personal favorite fish market to open up an outpost closer to home, and the day has arrived. After a soft-ish opening yesterday, TJ’s was fully functional today and that’s how I found myself diving face-first into […]

A Little East Hampton in University Park: East Hampton Sandwich Co.

If you’re ever missing your yacht, or whatever, head on over to Snider Plaza and have a sandwich at East Hampton Sandwich Co. Everybody says it feels just like East Hampton, but never having been there, to me it seems like a nice, bright place with good sandwiches. That just happens to be packed to […]