A Taste of Wabi House on Greenville Avenue

Wabi House opened on Greenville, just shy of Ross, so I headed right over because noodles. And raw fish. And cocktails. But life’s short, right? Right. So here’s our dessert, first: Black sesame creme brûlée. If you like sesame flavor, you will love this. The sesame is intensified by the sugar and caramelized and just […]

Stonedeck Pizza Pub hits the ground running in Deep Ellum

My first visit to Stonedeck Pizza Pub on Elm Street was more of a happy accident than a planned excursion. Thwarted by circumstances beyond our control, my food bastard and I spent our 7th anniversary dinner there. But what a happy accident it was, because as it turned out, Stonedeck was exactly what our laid-back […]

A #VIPeek at Chef John Tesar’s Knife

Let’s talk about meat.   Why have a 240-day-white-mold-aged Niman Ranch steak on the menu that costs $100 per inch and tastes of “popcorn, truffle and blue cheese?” “Because I’m John Tesar; I wanna be different.” Yep. Sounds about right. The first thing you see to your right when you walk into Knife is Chef […]

A #VIPeek at Savor on Klyde Warren Park

While I’ve been a tad bit preoccupied of late with the #foodbabies, I did get to have a fabulous last hurrah for a while at Savor for an excellent media dinner with some really great people, great food and service. I was already excited to try Savor as I’m a big fan of all things […]

A YMCAVIPeek at The LOT in East Dallas

In case you don’t know, I moved to East Dallas just over a year ago. Because I plan to live in the area for many happy years, I become overwhelmingly ecstatic when something awesome happens there. Cases in point: White Rock Marathon reroutes so I can escape to brunch, Cane Rosso White Rock OMG, badass […]

Acme F&B Intros Brunch Service with Emphasis on “Service”

Things I like: brunch & events with charity components. So when I saw a note from Adam Saxton of Pinkberry and North Texas Food Bank fame about this Sunday’s special brunch at Acme F&B, my brain saw this: BRUNCH! Acme F&B! NTFB! If you are likeminded to me and you think those three things are […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Café Des Artistes is Open in One Arts Plaza

The latest in the Lombardi Family of Concepts and the latest replacement restaurant in Dallas’ One Arts Plaza, Café Des Artistes opened last weekend. The short story is that Café Des Artistes is lush, pretty and comfortable (unless you’re sitting in a rather tiny bistro chair), with a certain pre- or post-theater vibe to it. […]

NEW NEWS: There’s a New Menu at The Standard Pour

Late in the day yesterday I got word of a new dinner menu at The Standard Pour on McKinney. Now I’m not the going-out-all-the-time type of gal, but if I had to choose a few places where I wouldn’t mind hanging out on douche-filled McKinney Avenue, TSP would be on the list. If you recall, […]

A Much Anticipated Opening: My #VIPeek at Cook Hall

Craft Dallas is no more. As I’ve said before, I’ve cried approximately zero tears as a result of this loss. And from Craft’s ashes rises a new American gastropub: Cook Hall. Speaking of bird metaphors, my Food Bastard misheard me when I announced I would be attending a media dinner at the new restaurant Cook […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: A Sneak Peek at the BBC

It’s a good day when I find out that a new, promising lunch option is coming my way. When I heard that the British Beverage Company was opening up right below my office building, I was excited. The former tenant, Hully & Mo, was inconsistent at best, and shitty tasting with shitty service at worst. […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: My First Look at THE GREEK in One Arts Plaza

I’m a fan of Greek food. Good Mediterranean food is always full of flavor, fresh vegetables, delicious cheeses and meat — these folks really know what to do with a piece of meat! That’s why when I caught word of the Ziziki’s owners opening in the old Commissary spot in One Arts Plaza, I was […]

#VIPeek: Dinner at Max’s Wine Dive Brings Surprises

Max’s Wine Dive opened a few weeks ago in the space vacated by BORDER’S bookstore long ago. As a casually interested passerby type of person, I noticed that fried chicken and champagne were kind of a big deal to them. And when I finally walked inside last night at the media dinner party they hosted, […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: #EatingEastDallas at Latin Deli

There’s a new place to grab a sandwich in East Dallas and it’s got Latin flavor. Latin Deli delivers on good, fast and cheap, to use a really annoying business analogy. The chicken salad was a bit odd (potatoes and veggies?), but I was a big fan of the lomo saltado. If you’re a pork […]

#EatingEastDallas: The New Matt’s Brings It

I won’t deny this: when Matt’s shuttered to be replaced by an effing Mi Cocina I threw a wee bit of a bitch-fit. Why replace hometown Tex-Mex comfort food with a mediocre chain version? The chips are an affront to Tex-Mex!! And its proximity to my new home in East Dallas didn’t help. This felt […]

Monica’s Got Her Groove Back

Yesterday, Monica Greene’s introduced her new restaurant – Monica’s Nueva Cocina – to Dallas. The new space is large and colorful — playing with light and art without restraint. It could easily turn a weeknight out into a party. Monica took over the spot previously occupied by Sushi Axiom (meh) and it sits in the […]