Pie Tap + #NationalPizzaDay

It’s National Pizza Day. As if you needed an excuse. Pie Tap has some of the most crave-worthy pizza in town, not to mention excellent salads, desserts powered by Dude, Sweet chocolate’s Katherine Clapner and craft cocktails designed by Gabe Sanchez of Black Swan Saloon. With two locations (so far), in the Design District and […]

Foodbitch’s 2017 Bucket Lists

It all started when I had the worst enchiladas ever, in Huntsville, Texas. Why was I eating a plate of enchiladas in Huntsville? It’s a long story, but basically I used Foursquare (what?) to find a place to stop along the highway on the way home from Galveston after a family cruise. It was late […]

The Drive is #FtWorthIt: Vivo 53’s INSANE SUNDAE Lineup

This past Saturday night, two Dallasites got insane and headed to Cowtown to eat Italian food and feast on insane sundaes. Well, one insane sundae. I described this insane sundae as “click bait for your mouth and brain.” And I really think that’s it. It’s something that you’re looking at, like,wanting to double tap. WITH YOUR FACE. […]

It’s True: Zoli’s 2.0 is Coming (to Addison) …in November

News broke earlier today that I’d been waiting for for quite some time. Well, me and about a thousand other people. People who love good pizza, that is. People who’ve been missing Zoli’s NY Pizza (cheeky little brother to pizza deity Jay Jerrier’s Cane Rosso) since it shuttered on Valentine’s Day, breaking hearts around the Metroplex and […]

Now Open: Matchbox is Heating up Preston Hollow Village

Media dinners are always fun. Flowing drinks, free food and a chance to catch up with food-centric friends who don’t care how many photos you take before you eat something. But what can be much better than a media dinner, is when a restaurant decides to do something different with their soft opening. Matchbox decided to […]

Stonedeck Pizza Pub hits the ground running in Deep Ellum

My first visit to Stonedeck Pizza Pub on Elm Street was more of a happy accident than a planned excursion. Thwarted by circumstances beyond our control, my food bastard and I spent our 7th anniversary dinner there. But what a happy accident it was, because as it turned out, Stonedeck was exactly what our laid-back […]

The Pizza in My Backyard: a Look at the New Cane Rosso

Hello, backlog! See, the good news is that since I waited so damn long to enjoy the greatness that is Cane Rosso White Rock, we can now conclude that the new location lacks no deliciousness in comparison to the original in Deep Ellum. It’s all good, you guys. The menu is larger, in fact, and […]

Scenes from Sunday’s Block Party at One Arts Plaza

Yesterday, the folks at One Arts Plaza hosted a free block party with live music, cocktail competitions, tons of vendors, dogs for adoption plus samples and food for sale. Here’s what you missed if you didn’t make it over there. The view when I walked in. Intimidating, isn’t it? But then I saw the knitted […]

#EatingEastDallas: Benny’s Classic Grill

Dear owner of Lover’s Pizza AND Benny’s Classic Grill, I’m sorry, but if you own a respectable pizza joint in Dallas, how can you sleep at night knowing a pizza like this is being served at another of your restaurants?! I don’t understand this, please explain. Sincerely, foodbitch I have said many times that we […]

Eating Toronto: the Good, the Bad and the Poutine

It’s been a while since our little trip to the great white north, but I still remember exactly how everything tasted. It’s a gift and a curse. Here’s what was GOOD: giant slice of pizza, everything at SWAN Restaurant (go there) and the homemade food we had at the wedding festivities. The BAD? Effing vegan hippie […]