SNOWBABY. Shaved Ice + Awesome is Coming to Lakewood

Image via Snowbaby’s Instagram page SNOWBABY IS NEITHER SNOW NOR A BABY, BUT IT’S AMAZING. And it’s coming soon to Lakewood. Perhaps you’ve had shaved ice, water ice, or even a sno cone with a house-made, organic flavors poured on top. But you probably haven’t had anything like Snowbaby. Let’s start with the inspiration behind […]

Event Alert: On Wednesdays We Watch “Mean Girls”

WHATEVER I’M GETTING CHEESE FRIES. So, Sundown at Granada has started doing these summer rooftop movies, during which they offer half priced whiskey. That alone should seal the deal for you, because the movies are all cult classics like The Goonies and Austin Powers. But they approached me about partnering with them for their showing of […]

foodbitch Travel PlayBook // The Hilton Anatole: Dallas’ Resort Oasis

Let’s Staycation! Dallas’ Hilton Anatole If our Staycation at The Highland Dallas was a “Steak-cation,” then this one at the Hilton Anatole was an “Resort-cation.” This is because the best and most recent addition to the Hilton Anatole is its JadeWaters water park, boasting two water slides, a swim up bar, splash pools and other fun […]

Val’s Cheesecakes Has a Brick-and-Mortar Now!

I love a feel-good story. This is one of those. I also love a taste-good story. This is one of those, too. Val’s Cheesecakes now has a brick-and-mortar storefront/window/walkup on Maple Avenue, right next to/attached to/stumbling distance from the Grapevine Bar. Good news for drunks/gays/Dallas Observer staff/EVERYONE. Go read my post over on City of Ate about the […]

@cityofate #CROSSPOST: Great Patios with Great Food in Dallas

Since writing this post, I’ve come to realize that these spots are only a small sampling of the restaurants where you can dine on a solid patio with seriously good food. For the purposes of the list, I tried to make sure the patios mentioned were unique in some way and that the food found […]

Pinkberry Introduces Strawberry, Officially Declares Start of Summer

Well, that does it. Once Pinkberry introduces its special summer flavor (last year it was Watermelon), summer can officially begin. This year, VP of The Saxton Group Adam Saxton invited me over to chat and photograph the goods while he treated me to a big spoonful of summer at the Uptown location. Pinkberry doesn’t just […]