Botolino Gelato: AKA Italy on Greenville Avenue

Paciugo should be shaking in its knock-off Italian boots. Botolino Gelato just opened last week on Greenville Avenue, and since its owners won’t talk shit about the competition and the differences between them, I will. After all, that’s basically my job, right? It’s not really even talking shit. Because Paciugo is super tasty. They offer […]

The Drive is #FtWorthIt: Vivo 53’s INSANE SUNDAE Lineup

This past Saturday night, two Dallasites got insane and headed to Cowtown to eat Italian food and feast on insane sundaes. Well, one insane sundae. I described this insane sundae as “click bait for your mouth and brain.” And I really think that’s it. It’s something that you’re looking at, like,wanting to double tap. WITH YOUR FACE. […]

Five Things to Know About SusieCakes

  1. SUSIECAKES IS FROM CALIFORNIA. This is the very first location outside of California, in fact. Why do all these Denver, California and otherwise stated businesses keep coming to Dallas? Because we’re nice, welcoming and we like to eat. A lot. 2. SUSIECAKES IS ALL ABOUT BEING ALL NATURAL. As in butter, flour, eggs, […]

NOW SWIRLING: Cow Tipping Creamery in East Dallas #FirstLook #VIPeek

Welp, things are happening and they are sweet, delicious things that are very, very bad for my waistline. First, Hypnotic Emporium Ice Cream opened up next to Hypnotic Donuts. Emporium Pies is coming to Deep Ellum. And now this: Cow Tipping Creamery, a mecca of soft serve heaven, is open in East Dallas — right inside […]

Top 5 Foodbitch-approved Valentine’s Day Alternatives

You: don’t want to spend a ton of money on an over-cooked piece of steak and some shitty champagne. I: totally hear you. That’s why I’ve been doing alternative Valentine’s Day for years now. It all started the year I took my Food Bastard to Crystal’s Pizza. That’s right. Now I’ve got your attention. Let’s […]

@CityofAte #CROSSPOST: Photos from the Chocolate Conference Last Saturday

I know we throw around the term “food porn” a lot around here, but I promise, this lot is tasteful. Check out all the chocolate, if you’re cool with a little drooling.   P.S.: I went to the media hour for this conference, so I didn’t pay. Just in case you were wondering.

Celebrate Everything CHOCOLATE at Saturday’s Chocolate Conference & Festival

There are new restaurants opening seemingly on a daily basis. The holidays are coming. The effing State Fair opens this weekend. Something called a Candy Corn Oreo exists. It’s enough to make you want to just give up on eating entirely. But don’t, yet. The Chocolate Conference is coming!! This Saturday morning, I’ll be at […]